Sothys Restructuring Firming Cream (175ml)

All Skin Types. The extract of chlorella algae and silicium complex tighten the surface of the skin. The karite butter softens the epidermis which regains vitality, elasticity and firmness. Contains a very remineralising enriched Guerande mud + Hydroxyprolisilane C (6%) an active ingredient to prevent and repair stretch marks. Ingredients: Shea Butter (7%): A natural plant oil derived from an African fruit of the karite tree. Highly used for its exceptional skin-conditioning results activates healing, reduces skin dryness and nourishes. Hydroxyprolisilane (6%): A restructuring active ingredients whose efficiency has been proved in terms of prevention of stretch marks and in the repair of existing stretch marks. Raffermine (5%): Protects and preserves the organization of the elastin and collagen fibers, leading to improved skin firmness and tone. Contributes to the fight against skin slackening. Horsetail Extract: Used to remineralize and restructure collagen & elastin molecules.


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USD: $55.38