Sothys Purifying Serum for Oily Skin (15ml)

For Oily Skin. Imperfections progressively disappear thanks to the association of lichen, liquorice and iris extracts, plus vitamin A. Purifying, balancing, this serum of watery fluid, quickly absorbed texture, leaves skin matt and soft. Small blemishes are dried up, skin texture is tighter.
Ingredients: Complex of Iris, Zinc and Vitamin A: An active element made up of: iris, rich in glucoside and has decongestant and astringent actions zinc, a trace element recognized for its antiseptic properties and Vitamin A, used to regulate cellular growth and for the renewal of tissues). Licorice Extract: A grassy plant originating from Southern and Eastern Europe, the roots contain glucosides, saponins, essential oils, tannins and enzymes that work to soften and heal while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. LichenExtract: Also known as Usnic Acid, it is an antibacterial plant extract. Ethanol: Alcohol used to dry up spots and imperfections, and act as an antiseptic.


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