Sothys Hydra-Protective Cream (50ml)

Normal To Combination Skin. A rich, soothing cream enriched with Divatonyl. Helps diminish small skin imperfections. Hydrates skin with the perfect balance of moisture. Use day and/or evening, or can be used locally to reduce small skin imperfections
Ingredients: Corn Extract: Obtained from the seeds of the corn plant. Corn extract contains biostimulating characteristics regulating cell activity. The celular stimulation is metabolic therefore, improving exchanges between skin cells and its environment (interstitial fluid). Sorbitol (N. M. F.): N. M. F. or Natural Moisturizing Factor is a term referring to the skin's water content of the horny layers. Sorbitol functions as a moisture conditioner (humectant). Its properties are similiar to glycerin. Sorbitol is a water-binding agent of which 70% is an aqueous solution. It provides a smooth texture while preserving moisture. Sesame Seed Oil: Extracted from the seeds of a plant oil is to provide comfort to the skin with its emollient characteristics. Light Sun Filter: Approximately SPF6 with broad specturm protection.


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