Sothys Body Contour Serum (200ml)

All Skin Types. The most recent creation of the Sothys research laboratory, Body contour serum offers a high technology global answer, unique in beauty salons that: -slow down the formation of cellulite-stimulate the waste elimination-smooth -streamline the body contoursFormulated from an exclusive complex: marine liposomes , Isocell Slim. Integrating in World innovation, Sculpturine, a global active with promotional properties.
Ingredients: Sveltine- a complex of slimming actives (L-Carnitine,Caffeine, Esculoside, Centella Asiatica), locked away in a marine liposome- smothin action, stimulation of the lipolyse. Sculpturine- a slimming active capable of limiting the storage of lipids in the cells acting on their formation and their elimination. Isocell Slim- hydrating, softening, reduce stocks of fats. Lilagrinol- hydratingQuest Ice- freshness effect released gradually


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