Sothys Active Cream (50ml)

For Oily skin with Blemish Problems. An effective program that balances the skin, thus refining the pores, clearing problem areas, normalizing blemishes and ridding the skin or impurities. Ingredients: Biostimulins Corn Grains: A vegetable extract obtained from corn grains, according to the Filatov method (conditions of extreme survival. ) In this condition, the extract uses all its capacity to defend itself by stimulating its own properties. It is used to activate the exchange between cells and their environment, thus stimulating the renewal of cells. Liquorice Extract: A grassy plant originating from Southern and Eastern Europe, the roots contain glucosides, saponins, essential oils, tannins and enzymes that work to soften and heal while acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Allantoin: Possesses incredible healing effects when used against surface aggressors (sun rays, irritant products, etc. ).  Hlso soothes, softens and helps build up the skin's resistance.


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