Moroccanoil Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment

Moroccanoil Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment 45 ml / 1.5 oz

When it comes to scalp issues, the focus tends to be on dryness, however excessive oil production is of equal concern. It can make product selection a little tricky, trying to avoid the often untidy, unruly and worst of all not so clean, look of oily hair. Recognizing this specific need, Moroccanoil® presents Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment.Formulated with ginger oil, astringents and purifying properties, Oil-No-More works deep down to help control oil production. This treatment helps to regulate the problem at the source without striping the scalp of needed moisture.Oil-No-More Advanced Technology:• Rich in Vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids and essential oil with purifying and soothing properties• Intense stimulus properties to regulate sebum production and control oil circulationPerfect for oily scalp, Moroccanoil® Oil-No-More Scalp Treatment:• Protects and moisturizes the scalp • Releases the scalp of dandruff caused by excess oil and inflammation of thehair follicle • Uses astringent and purifying properties to control the oil circulation in the scalpDirection: For best results, separate hair into sections and apply a full drop of treatment. Massage into scalp and repeat with every section. Let penetrate for 5-10 minutes. Brush or comb hair thoroughly. Rinse, then wash hair with Moroccanoil® shampoo and conditioner.

CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92