Juvena Rejuven Q10 Visible Lip (10ml)

Mature Skin. Whenever fuller, softer lips are desired, apply Juvena Q10 Lip. This triple-active emulsion smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, keeps lips moisturized, and protects against harmful UV rays.


Q10 PLUS ENERGY COMPLEX Recharges the vital functions of the skin.
Coenzyme Q10 has an efficient anti-wrinkle effect.
Maritime sugar stimulates the energy-metabolism of the cells, increases the ATP production.
Sunflower seed oil extract optimises the lipid barrier.
Vitamin E binds free radicals, soothes and strengthens the skin.
Plant proteins intensively moisturise the lip area.
Xylitol refreshes and cool the lips.
UV filter protects against ageing caused by light Combination of Vitamin E and Nicotinic Acid (Vitamin B group) increases microcirculation level out the skin�s surface.