Juvena Master Cream (75ml)

For skin that will look and feel holistically more attractive. Specifically, this means improved skin elasticity and firmness. Increased skin density, smoothness and protection capacity; all skin types. You will soon notice how your skin changes for the better. Your skin will be visibly renewed and more resistant, cell structure and organization improved and skin looks more refined. All within a few weeks. The secret of this very special care lies in the SkinNova SC Technology*. It awakens the skin’s own stem cells and thereby the source of fresh new skin. It provides the ideal micro-environment so the cells’ optimal development is ensured and their lifelong self-renewal potential is protected. Skin quality is significantly improved. Highly performing actives contribute to the efficient results.
Usage: Apply every morning and evening on cleansed face with sweeping movements. Spread the cream all the way down to the neck.
• SkinNovaSC Technology
• Hibiscus Seed Extract
• Garden Cress Extracts
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Argine (amino acid)
• Carité Butter
• Derma Membran Lipids
• Broad Protection System
• Ozone-Protection-Complex
* A symbiosis of SkinNova Technology and StemCell Peptide

CAD: $350.00
USD: $269.23