Gehwol Leg Balm (125ml)

Related Foot Condition. Refreshes tired feet and legs. Makes skin beautiful, smooth and soft. Prevents drying out and premature aging of the skin. Stimulates circulation in the feet and legs. Affords a pleasant feeling of being fresh and well-groomed. Deodorizes and prevents blisters between the toes. Can fade away broken capillaries in early stages. Alleviates leg discomfort during pregnancy.
TIP: For vein problems or tired legs - apply a thick coat onto skin and wrap legs in saran wrap and elevate the legs for 15-20 minutes. Massage in balm and remove excess with a towel. This will help reduce the pain and inflammation. Provides an immediate feeling of freshness and fortifies the veins.
INGREDIENTS: Azulen, Panthenol, Hamamelis Extracts, Allantoin, Bisabol.


CAD: $22.00
USD: $16.92