Gehwol for Fungus & Athlete's Feet - with Cream (4 products)

Detail description: 1.Gehwol Med Protective Nail/Skin Cream 15ml ($22.00) - Prevents fungal infections.Brittle and damaged nails regain a healthy sheen. The antimicrobial ingredients prevent nail wall inflammation, which can be caused by cutting of the cutticles.GEHWOL Med Protective Nail/Skin Cream and Oil are ideal as post-manicure treatments.
2. Gehwol Herbal Lotion 150ml ($25.00) - Refreshing and skin conditioning spray to deodorize and help prevent perspiration, burning and itching feet. Helps prevent foot mycosis.
3. Gehwol Fusskraft Herbal Bath (10x20gr)($16.00) - Excessive foot odor / perspiration will be normalized.Corns and calluses become thoroughly soft, skin becomes more elastic. A refreshing foot bath for tired, aching, burning and dry chapped feet.
4. Foot Powder 100gr ($16.00) - Drying, Deodorizing.Special dusting powder with disinfecting Gehwol active ingredient that absorbs perspiration. Keeps feet dry, supple and odorless.Prevents athlete's foot.
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