Decleor Source D’Eclat 10-Day Radiance Powder Cure (10ml)

The 10-Day Radiance Powder Treatment is an energizing complex with pure Vitamin C and plant serum for a radiant, revitalized, clear complexion in 10 days Size: Vial 10ml Texture: Powder and emulsion complex Skin Type & Condition: For all skin types searching for an ultra-concentrated "radiance booster" treatment that takes just 10 days Features & Benefits: Provides instant radiance, vitality and clears the complexion Usage Instructions:

  • Use for 10 days straight, in the morning and evening on cleansed skin.
  • Press firmly on the white valve to free the vitamin c powder
  • Shake well
  • Remove the white valve, and place the flexible measuring cap on the neck of the bottle to apply the product.

CAD: $38.00
USD: $29.23