Decleor Nutri-Delice Extreme Protection Cream (50ml)

For dry skin. This cream is a "shock" treatment that comes to the rescue of the driest and most weakened skin, providing immediate and long-lasting comfort and protection. A very rich, complete, highly balanced "meal" for the skin, this cream combines all the energising and nourishing actions of a delicious concentrate of Cereals and Essential Oil with the pleasure of an exquisitely soft texture. It contains Cereals and Essential Oil. It: - deeply nourishes and helps repair the skin, to restore its lipid balance,- rehydrates the skin while maintaining its moisture levels,- helps restore the balance of vitamins and trace elements,- provides extra protection and helps strengthen the skin barrier, to shield skin against harsh external elements, even in the most extreme climatic conditions. This delicious treat brings your skin strength, softness and infinite comfort. USAGE: Apply to cleansed face and neck every morning, after AROMESSENCE ANGÉLIQUE. Ingredients: Angelica Essential Oil: 0.03% Cereal Concentrate (Quinoa, Rice, Sweetcorn, Sesame Plant Oils, Oat Milk, Barley Grains Extract): 19. 5 % Imperata Cylindrica Extract: 4% Essential Waxes of Rose, Narcissus, Acacia: 2%