Decleor Nutri-Delice Delicious Ultra-Nourishing Cream (50ml)

For very dry skin. The ultimate, decadent skin-banquet! A delicious, ultra-nourishing crème, this is a veritable treat for dry skin, containing a feast of ingredients including re-balancing Barley Grains and Wheat Extract, plus calming Essential Oil of Angélique. Gorge the skin (and your senses) with this regal crème! Directions: Apply to cleansed face and neck every morning, after AROMESSENCE ANGÉLIQUE. Ingredients: Cereal Concentrate (Quinoa, Sweetcorn, Rice, Sesame Plant Oils, Oat Milk, Barley Grains Extract): 17.5% Imperata Cylindrica Extract: 4% Angelica Essential Oil: 0.03%