Decleor Hydra Floral Intensive Gentle Hydrating Mask (50ml)

For all skin types. INTENSIVE GENTLE HYDRATING MASK with Phyto-Aromatic SourcesHYDRA FLORAL MASK is an intensive yet gentle moisturizing concentrate. Thanks to its gradual "drip feed" moisturizing action, this intensive treatment:  immediately quenches and relaxes,  intensely replenishes,  provides a long-lasting miniaturization.Thanks to a cocktail naturally rich in powerful moisturizing active ingredients, it offers your skin a natural moisturizing boost for immediate well-being and lasting comfort.
The velvety suppleness of its fresh, creamy-water texture, with its light aqua-floral scent, steeps your skin in a wholesome bath of gentleness.
Directions:Once or twice a week, apply in a thick layer to a cleansed face and neck.Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.
Remove excess with a cottonwool, or use DERMO FLORAL TONIC LOTION.

Ingredients:Moisturising Complex:9%Hazelnut Oil and Shea Butter:7%Aromatic Waters of Mint, Orange Blossom:10%Original Orange Water:10%Codium Extract:2%