Decleor Exprience de L'age Triple Action Gel Cream Mask (50ml)

For Mature Skin, Immediately, your skin looks lifted and glows with new-found radiance. Every day, it is visibly firmer and more toned. An intensive anti-ageing treatment with corrective action on wrinkles, firmness and radiance, which energises and boosts the natural functions of your skin. Its secret? At the heart of this product, with its "lifting" and ultra-fresh texture, is a unique formulation that unites "patch-effect" anti-wrinkle and firming technology with a "peeling-effect" radiance-enhancing action. For triple beauty performance. Immediately, the skin looks lifted and regains its radiance. With every day, it is visibly firmer and more toned. Instant and long-lasting action on WRINKLES and FIRMNESS for smooth and firmer skinInstant "lifting effect"-Plant based firming agen: 4%-Wheat Protein Microspheres: 1%"Patch-effect" technology for continuous, long-lasting action.
Exclusive patch (2%) containing: Corn Extract (in the patch): 17.5%-Saiko Extract (in the patch): 17.5% Serine (in the patch): 0.55%Iris Essential Oil (Concrete): 0. 01%Instant and long-lasting RADIANCE-ENHANCING action for a luminous and radiant complexionInstant radiance -Light-diffusing pigments: 1%"Peeling-effect" action for long-lasting radiance-Maca Extract: 2%Immediate ANTI-FATIGUE action with an intense "ice-cube" effect. Refreshing agent: 4%PROTECTIVE action for a strengthened skin-defence system-Micro-Alga Extract: 1.5%An ultra-fresh "lifting" texture.
A stunning texture that offers both freshness and performance and, in just ten minutes, provides all the benefits of an intensive treatment with triple anti-ageing beauty performance.

Usage: Once or twice a week, apply a fine layer to perfectly cleansed face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes then remove any excess with the Tonifying Lotion.


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USD: $43.08