Decleor Aroma White Brightening C+ Essence (3x10ml)

For All Skin Types. Brightening C+ Aroma Essence with Vitamin C and White-Brightening Complex. Visibly corrects pigmentation irregularities. Prevents the appearance of further dark spots. Achieves a lighter & perfectly radiant complexion. Protects your skin against UV damage greatly with its anti-free radical properties. Smoothes the features and helps preserve the skin youthfulness.

Directions: Use as a regular 1-month treatment (each bottle lasts for 10 days). Apply morning and night before your daily skincare product. Press down hard on the white piston to release the pure Vitamin C. Shake to mix thoroughly. Remove the white piston. Place the flexible dispenser on the neck of the bottle then apply a few drops of product.


CAD: $81.00
USD: $62.31