Decleor Aroma Purete Matt Skin Fluid (50ml)

For combination-oily skin. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESSUsing AROMESSENCE� YLANG-YLANG + Matt Finish Skin Fluid in combinationMatt skin. Clinical scoring after one month of using AROMESSENCE� YLANG-YLANG + Matt Finish Skin Fluid twice-daily. This daily skincare product has a fresh, non-oily texture and leaves a velvety, powdery finish. Aimed specifically at combination and oily skin, it acts deep down to reveal perfect skin:- AN INCREDIBLE MATT FINISH. Excess sebum is absorbed. - PERFECTLY MOISTURISED SKIN. Particularly dry areas are continuously replenished. The skin regains its optimum moisture levels. In incredible matt finish and a perfectly purified skin!- A VISIBLY MORE EVEN COMPLEXION. Dead cells are gently eliminated and pores tightened.