Decleor Aroma Purete Double Action Tinted Concealer (15ml)

For All Skin TypesEssential for blemishes, this treats and conceals in one � the natural pigment conceals redness and its purifying action immediately begins to dry out blemishes. You can apply as often as needed throughout the day.SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESSBlemish ReductionClinical tests on the Double Action Tinted ConcealerClinical scoring after one month of daily useReduction in the number of blemishes: � 37% Usage testPercentage of women satisfied by product performance.Effectivness:Non-greasy texture: 91% Pleasant application: 86% Immediately conceals blemishes: 68% Immediately conceals small red patches: 91% Reduction in blemishes after 28 days: 55%