Colorescience Pressed Mineral Compact - All Dolled Up

Colorescience All Dolled Up - Fair to medium-tone neutral foundation. More pigment per square inch! Unlike traditional pressed powders which are usually translucent and used as a finishing powder, Colorescience’s very concentrated pressed mineral pigment gives more coverage than any other formula! Pressed pigments are highly recommended in their Camouflage Brochure to cover all types of skin challenges, even varicose veins. Colorescience compacts are high density, pure pigment. They are full of life, leaving the skin looking young, healthy and vibrant, as if backlit. Less is more, so use sparingly at first, then layer. Benefits: Superior coverage Effective in covering post treatment redness Nourishing and protective ingredients Transfer resistant Covers varicose veins and stretch marks Directions For Use: Apply with a sponge to achieve the most coverage. Use the press and pat technique. Comes with two sponges. Use one for application and the other to “erase” if you over apply. While you can achieve full coverage, you can still avoid a heavy look. Those with oily skin often prefer a matte finish. You can achieve this by moistening the pigment. To do this, press the dry puff into the pigment several times. Spritz the pigment on the puff and apply to the skin. (Store damp sponge in bottom compartment.) Do not wet pressed pigment in compact! Apply with a powder brush for a softer, more casual finish, similar to the foundation brush application. Use broad brush strokes.

CAD: $64.00
USD: $49.23