USANA Rev3 Energy® Surge Pack (28 stick packs)

USANA Rev3 Energy® Surge Pack (28 stick packs)

 Health BasicsCleaner

  • crisp, all-natural taste
  • refreshing lemon-tea flavor


  • Provides smarter, more natural sources of caffeine from white, green, and black teas to support mental alertness and stamina
  • Teas also provide important antioxidants and phytonutrients known to be beneficial to health and cellular metabolism


  • Contains green tea, Korean ginseng, and rhodiola rosea to improve the body’s response to stress and fatigue
  • Provides nutrients necessary for healthy and efficient cellular energy production.

Rev3 Energy® Surge PackRev 3 Energy Surge® Pack is a great alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks. It’s low in sugar (2g), low in calories (10), hydrating and convenient. Just stick the packs in your gym bag and you’re ready to rock.

CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38