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For All Skin TypesYon-Ka For Men Age Defense non-oily gel-cream offers sophisticated action to prevent and correct signs of ageing with its powerful active ingredients: super-moisturising imperata cylindrica, restructuring beech buds, rich in phytostimulines and virgin baobab oil - an impressive anti-wrinkle ingredient that brings vitality, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. These are accompanied by antioxidant and restructuring Vitamins E, C, A and B5, anti-pollution moringa, and firming and invigorating essential oils:
CAD: $64.00
USD: $49.23
For All Skin TypesThis ultra-fresh, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle eye gel visibly smoothes and revitalises the eye area, even after long days- or too-short nights. Its natural active ingredients promote microcirculation, tone the skin and smooth the eyelids, rejuvenating your eyes. It contains arnica, cypress nut, rich in polyphenols, restructuring beech buds and decongesting and refreshing roman camomile and peppermint essential oils.
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
For All Skin Types This original, delicious, phyto-tonic, alcohol-free spray on lotion has a truly magical effect . Use after shaving and before skincare products for an invigorating wake-up, or any time of the day, to freshen up or chase away traces of fatigue.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
For All Skin TypesThe ultimate cream to wake up your skin in the morning! This vitamin-rich, antioxidant cocktail features a combination of ingredients to give the skin a boost natural extracts of citrus fruits (orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit), Vitamins C, E, A and B5, and the oxygenating Yon-Ka Quintessence. To protect the skin against harsh external elements (wind, pollution, cold etc) the formula is enriched with virgin pumpkin seed oil and olive oil, to nourish and protect.
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
For All Skin Types This foam scrub deep-cleanses and purifies dull complexions. Containing precious bamboo silica and jojoba beads to polish the skin, gently eliminiating dead skin cells and impurities. Antimicrobial copper and iris extract help normalise serum secretions, while the oxygenating action of sweet lime essential oil and the YON-KA Quinessence banishes dullness.  
CAD: $34.00
USD: $26.15
For All Skin TypesDeep cleansing care to brighten dull complexions. Reveal radiant skin, with tough action on ingrown hairs, this foaming gel deep-cleanses and purifies dull complexions.Yon-Ka For Men Foam Gel.Deep cleansing care to brighten dull complexions. Reveal radiant skin, with tough action on ingrown hairs, this foaming gel deep-cleanses and purifies dull complexions. It contains precious bamboo silica and jojoba beads to polish the skin gently and eliminate dead cells and impurities.
CAD: $28.00
USD: $21.54
For All Skin Types Fatigue, stress, overindulgence . Your skin suffocates, and it shows: the complexion is dull, skin is oily, pores are dilated. To fill the skin with new energy, this mask provides detoxifying and clarifying action through its three absorbent and purifying clays. The revitalising and balancing properties of orange essential oil and the Yon-Ka Quintessence take care of the rest. Your complexion is visibly brighter, pores are tighter, the skin is invigorated.  
CAD: $36.00
USD: $27.69
For All Skin Types The SOS solution to soothe razor burn. Enjoy an echo of the past and opt fo this luxurious shaving cream that ensures a close shave, even on stubborn stubble and is kind to sensitive skin. Allantoin, Vitamin B5, aloe vera, lemon essential oil and the Yon-Ka Quintessence unite their soothing, healing and deep-cleansing actions to reveal fresh, soft skin.  
CAD: $24.00
USD: $18.46

For Body

All Skin Types This phyto-aromatic cream deeply energizes and promotes natural vitality. Designed to re-shape your bust and restore firmness as well as combat wrinkles on the body. Helps to strengthen the contours, reduce the marks of pregnancy and preserve youthful curves. Highly refreshing when used on overworked, exhausted legs. Its unique reviving aroma will lift your spirit. Apply a thin layer of cream in the morning or evening after a bath or shower, Focus on target areas. Ingredients:
CAD: $80.00
USD: $61.54
For All Skin Types A hypnotic and luxurious body balm that provides a thermo and smoothing treatment via the transmuting of precious phyto-stimulants and antioxidants for visible rapid results. Helps to redesign the outlines of brests, buttocks and abdomen. Effectively works to support the profile of the arms legs and ankles with renewed elasticity. Actives: 5 warming and reparative skin butters that offer outstanding hydrating and retexturizing benefits for improved skin tone and smoother contours.
CAD: $69.00
USD: $53.08
All Skin Types For soft and tender hands and feet, Yon-Ka reveals an oil-free hydrating-soothing gel. Kirogel prevents intensely dry, rough-chapped skin and visibly reduces calluses. It penetrates easily and leaves the feet and hands feeling soft and supple. Formulated in a 6. 5% hydrating base containing locust bean gum as well as essential oils of orange, lemon and lime. Deeply hydrates and softens the skin, soothes over-worked hands damaged by chemicals and environmental aggressions, effectively eliminates dead cells.
CAD: $30.00
USD: $23.08
All Skin Types This foaming and scrubbing shower gel leaves body contours pampered and buffed to a satiny-smooth finish. Gently cleanses and exfoliates dead cells and rough patches, leaves your skin as silky-soft as a peach, its subtle and natural sent invigorates your body. Lather shoulder to toe under the shower. Insist on rough areas. Next rinse profusely. Ingredients: diatom, jojoba pearls, almond proteins, algae, lactic acid, petit grain, lavender, rosemary, sage and helichrysum italicum.  
CAD: $49.00
USD: $37.69
All Skin Types Invest in body and soul and get primed with baby-soft, beautiful contours. This softening (almond), super hydrating body lotion is a favorite of spa-goers thanks to its great ginseng aphrodisiac scent and its soothing comfrey light texture. A great way to stay smooth after a luxurious sea crystal salts spa session or more simply after showering on your way to work. Restores optimum moisture and lasting softness, skin feels alive. Dry, rough skin is just a distant memory. Use daily after shower or bath.
CAD: $43.00
USD: $33.08
All Skin TypesTotal indulgence, with an all-out spa prelude in a deliciously aromatic cocoon of essential oils consisting of lavishing petit grain and uncommon helichrysum. We recommend this 100% plant extracts product in your tub, or lathering yourself under the shower, listening to Vivaldi or better still Handel's Water Music! This refreshing and invigorating bath + shower blend, is also designed to stimulate and purify, while refocusing the senses.
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
All Skin Types This mesmerizing potion-like aromatic body oil of everlasting flower, salvia officinalis and nourishing cereals is akin to comfort food for the body. The astringent and detoxifying properties of this cocktail of concentrated essential oils also create a rich atmosphere to ensure that you relax and unwind. Combine a few drops with Lait Corps for a sensational sense of luxury. Nourishes, silkens and firms, replenishes dry and damaged skin. Its delicate aromas enliven body and mind.
CAD: $48.00
USD: $36.92
All Skin Types This is a multi-dimensional body care slimming cream. The stimulating properties of the powerful ingredients in Creme 55 visibly will re-shape the contours of the body. Helps slim down the figure, improves the suppleness and elasticity of the contours. Specifically recommended during pregnancy, after weight fluctuations that may cause stretch marks or to effectively counteract tired heavy legs. Use daily after a shower or bath on slightly wet skin. For optimum results, alternate with Creme 155. Ingredients:
CAD: $58.00
USD: $44.62
All Skin TypesThis highly balsamic phyto-aromatic cream helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and unsightly fatty tissue for improved circulation and creates a draining action which reduces the orange-peel effect. Works to trim the figure by stimulating exchanges, reduces hyper-sensitivity and helps minimize the appearance of spongy skin. Highly recommended before and after exercise. Use daily after shower or bath on slightly wet skin. For optimum results, alternate with Creme 55. Ingredients:
CAD: $58.00
USD: $44.62
All Skin Types This is both a preventative and curative hydra-firming activator to support vulnerable tissues to improve skin elasticity. Keeps stretch marks at bay for a more attractive, younger looking figure. Lightweight concoction penetrates delightfully, helps to strengthen and tone your most feminine contours, works to shape the curves of your decollete and breast, uplifting all-citrus and fresh herbs aroma. Apply daily after showering by splashing on the whole body and bust. Penetrates gently but actively on targeted zones.
CAD: $86.00
USD: $66.15