Thalgo for Men


All Skin Type

Thalgo Men Line: Intensive Hydrating Cream (50ml)
Thalgo Men Intensive Hydrating Cream is a non-oily cream-gel moisturizer that relieves tight feeling skin and promotes anti-aging as it stimulates cell renewal. It's perfect for all your sensitive areas - underarms, lip, brows, chin, and bikini area the skin is left calm and soothed. Directions for use: Immediately after shaving (manual or electric), apply a dose of Intensive Hydrating Cream over the whole face. If the skin is severely dehydrated, reapply in the evening on clean skin. Type of skin: All skin type.
CAD: $55.60
USD: $42.77
Thalgo Men Line: Wake Up Shower Gel (Bogdy& Hair)(200ml)
The 2 in 1 shampoo and gel instantly cleanses and purifies your skin and hair. Its effective, non-aggressive foaming system respects the hair fibre and the skin’s physiological balance. It is the ideal partner for use when travelling or after exercising. Directions for use: Daily cleansing. Lather on wet skin and hair and rinse thoroughly with clear water. Type of skin: All skin type. Ingredients: Algue Bleue Vitale: Anti-fatigue, Anti-aging; Enteromorpha Compressa Algae: Calms stressed cells.
CAD: $30.00
USD: $23.08
Thalgo Men Line: After Shave Balm (75ml)
This fluid is easily applied and instantly absorbed. With its fresh scent, alcohol-free formula, and active ingredients including Algue Bleue Vitale(tm), it leaves even the most irritated of skins refreshed, repaired, and soothed. Directions for use: Apply after every shave on perfectly dry skin. Type of skin: All skin type.
CAD: $38.00
USD: $29.23
Thalgo Men Line: Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes (15ml)
This incredibly fresh gel uses the properties of Cornflower, Vitamin PP and Algue Bleue Vitale(tm) to combat puffiness, dark circles and micro-wrinkles. Directions for use:Use morning and evening for revitalised and revived eyes. Type of skin: All skin type. Ingredients: Algue Bleue Vitale: Anti-fatigue, Anti-aging; Enteromorpha Compressa Algae: Calms stressed cells; Cornflower: Soothing; Actiflow: Stimulates micro-circulation.
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
Thalgo Men Line: Cleansing Gel (150ml)
Suitable for all skin types, this gentle foaming gel cleanses the skin of daily toxins and excess sebum. Using the properties of Algue Bleue Vitale(tm) it helps your skin to regain radiance and revives, and tones the skin, leaving your face fresh and clean. Directions for use: Morning and evening, before shaving, take a dab of Cleansing Gel and lather with water in the palm of the hand. Cleanse the face, then rinse. Type of skin: All skin types. Ingredients: Algue Bleue Vitale: Anti-fatigue, Anti-aging; Enteromorpha Compressa Algae: Calms stressed cells. 
CAD: $28.00
USD: $21.54
Thalgo Men Line: Regenerating Cream (50ml)
To prevent the signs of ageing this high-performance cream is the perfect solution. With anti-wrinkle ingredients Initiale Marine� and Blue Algae Vitale(tm), this non-oily formula strengthens the skin and makes it denser from within, preserving your skins youthfulness. For best results use morning and evening. Results of effectiveness tests: Regenerated skin - 90 % of men, wrinkles less deep - 79 % of men and smoother skin - 100 % of men! Directions for use: Use immediately after cleansing, or after shaving on clean skin. Take a dose of Regenerating Cream and massage into skin.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
Thalgo Men Line: Shaving Gel (100ml)
This light and freshly scented gel allows the razor to glide perfectly over the skin to minimise nicks and cuts. It is easy to rinse off and leaves skin soft and instantly fresh with no greasy film. Directions for use:: Morning or Evening Apply one application to a perfectly cleansed skin on the area to be shaved. Once shaving is complete, remove residue with lukewarm water. Type of skin: For All Skin Types. Ingredients: Algue Bleue Vitale, Enteromorpha Compressa Algae, Cephalipin  
CAD: $28.00
USD: $21.54


Thalgo Men Line: Look Good Hydrating Tinted Fluid (50ml)
The Tinted Fluid is ideal to reawaken the skin on sluggish mornings. Thanks to a cocktail of energy boosting active ingredients your complexion is lightly tanned and more luminous, the skin is hydrated and your features appear rested. Directions for use: In the morning, apply to dry, cleansed skin. Do nut rub in. Type of skin: All skin type. Ingredients: Algue Bleue Vitale: Anti-fatigue, Anti-agingEnteromorpha; Compressa Algae: Calms stressed cells; Cocoa and Mango Butters: Soften and soothes.
Thalgo Men Line: Descomen Deep-Cleansing Scrub (50ml)
This exfoliating cream with blue, skin-polishing microbeads rids skin of all impurities and smoothes away imperfections. At last, your skin is even, fresh and clear! Weekly deep cleansing. Directions for use: Apply to damp skin then exfoliate with circular movements, avoiding the eye area Rinse well with clean water.
Thalgo Men Line: Anti-Shine Fluid (50ml)
This light moisturising fluid is perfect for combination to oily skins prone to blemishes. With its anti-bacterial formula and active ingredients featuring Micropearl, Grapefruit seed extract, Vitamin B8 and Zinc they all work together to create a clear and shine free complexion! To be applied morning and evening. Directions for use: Upon application and throughout the day, the skin remains perfectly shine-free yet hydrated. With consistent use, excess sebum is regulated, the appearance of imperfections is reduced, and the skin regains its clarity. Type of skin: All skin types.
For Men. The ultimate radiance booster! To be used 1-2 times a week, this foaming gel contains microbeads that free the skin of dead cells and help to prevent blemishes, along with Chrondrus Crispus algae that helps to hydrate the skin. You will be left with a glowing complexion and a feeling of deeply cleansed skin.  
For Men. This fresh, non-oily, gel is an all-day moisturizer that relieves tight-feeling skin. A pure pleasure to apply, its cocktail of active ingredients acts as a thirst-quenching skin energiser for comfort and radiance to make you feel your best. Energizing, refreshing and hydrating - a daily treatment for any skin type. Ultra-fresh, non-sticky with proven hydrating effectiveness. Use morning and evening for best results.