Thalgo Integrative Slimming

For Body

Thalgo Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite reduces stubborn cellulite after 14 days. Tones down resistant fat deposits, reduces flabby thighs and leaves orange peel skin visibly smoothed. Works on localized cellulite that is difficult to dislodge and resistant to other treatments. This fresh gel absorbs quickly and has a dry finish; floral bouquet scent.
CAD: $66.00
USD: $50.77
Thalgo High Performance Firming Cream helps to firm the deeper layers of the skin. The Sculpt Active technology, highly enriched with some of the most innovative retexturizing and firming ingredients, helps combat the appearance of skin slackening. The figure looks redefined, visibly re-sculpted and reshaped. 
CAD: $76.00
USD: $58.46
Thalgo Stomach & Waist Sculptor helps to firm the deeper layers of skin on the stomach and waist. The Sculpt Active technology, enhanced with Zingiber extract, works to significantly reduce the volume of the abdominal area while preventing recurrence, resulting in a tightened and refined-looking waist. 
CAD: $68.00
USD: $52.31
Thalgo Intensive Correcting Cream fights and corrects the compacted (grade 3) cellulite-generating process at its source. This highly active cream features Thalgo-exclusive Oxy Active technology to help disperse pronounced cellulite. The skin’s resistance to unsightly dimples is reinforced, resulting in visibly smoother-looking skin. 
CAD: $70.00
USD: $53.85
Thalgo High Correction Gel fights and corrects the stubborn (grades 1 and 2) cellulite-generating process at its source. This high-tech product is formulated with Thalgo-exclusive Oxy Active technology which helps reactivate tissue oxygenation to reduce the formation of cellulite. The “orange-peel effect” is visibly improved. The skin appears much smoother and more toned; the figure is refined. 
CAD: $70.00
USD: $53.85