Thalgo Eye Creams and Masks


Eye Care

Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream (15ml)
The Silicium Eye Cream, rich in hyaluronic acid and marine silicium, lift the eye area, effectively fills fine lines and wrinkles and corrects signs of fatigue (puffiness and dark circles) resulting in refreshed and younger-looking eyes. Directions for use: Apply morning and/or evening to skin around the eyes, tapping lightly in from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes, then from the temples towards the browbones. Type of skin: Mature Skin / Anti-Ageing. Ingredients: Matrixyl Synthe'6, Marine Silicium Complex, Candelilla Wax, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Actiflow.
CAD: $52.00
USD: $40.00
Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask (8/pk.)
The Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Mask diffuses, plumps and instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles. Refreshing eye filler patches designed to smooth and brighten the eye area in optimum time. The cooling, moistened patches feature a gel texture and no scent. Wrinkles are smoothed and eyes look fresh and younger. Directions for use: Use: as often as necessary. Effectiveness is increased when the patches are stored in the refrigerator. Type of skin: Mature Skin / Anti-Ageing. Ingredients: Marine Hyaluronic Complex; Matrixyl 6; Actiflow; Kopara.
CAD: $52.00
USD: $40.00
Thalgo Collagen Eye Contrate Gel (30ml)
This serum formulated with an ultra-high concentration of Marine Collagen instantly smoothes incipient wrinkles. Type on Skin: Mature Skin/ Anti-Ageing.
CAD: $44.00
USD: $33.85
Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll On Gel (15ml)
New formula of Collagen Eye Gel reduces puffiness and dark circles. Concentrated with marine collagen, smooths wrinkles and  brightens the eyes. The concentrate combines a cooling effect with the continuous 24-hour caffeine action of Micropatch technology. Directions for use: apply morning and/or evening to skin around the eyes, working from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes, then from the temples towards the browbones. Help absorption of any excess product with light tapping motions. Effectiveness is further improved if the product is kept in the refrigerator.
CAD: $44.00
USD: $33.85
Thalgo Eye Contour Cream with Organic Olive Leaf/ Organic Beauty (15ml)
Eye Contur Cream gives a rejuvenating boost to your eye area that remineralises and regenerates the skin as well as leaving it moisturised and nourished. Directions for use: Apply in light strokes from the inner corner of the eye towards the temples and with a few circular movements over the crow's feet. Type of skin: All skin type. Ingredients: Organic red wine, organic sunflower, organic mallow, organic lierre, organic olive, codium fragile, organic cornflower, sweet almond bio, and organic aloe barbendesis.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77


Thalgo Hydrating Vital Mask with Organic Olive Leaf (50ml)
This rich and generous Hydrating Vita Mask  intensely moisturises and nourishes all skin types: Organic Sweet Almond oil combines its hydra-nourishing power with the moisturising properties of Organic White Lupin extract. Your skin is left feeling soft and deeply replenished. It's organic beuty for your skin. Directions for use: Twice-weekly skincare. Use once or twice a week, on its own or superactivated with 2 drops of the Concentrate of your choice. Apply the mixture to the face and neck. Type of skin: All skin type.
CAD: $37.20
USD: $28.62
Thalgo Hyaluronic Smoothing Mask (50ml)
The Hyaluronic Mask plumps up the entire face, smoothing and filling in stubborn wrinkles .Ideal for clients 35+. Directions for use: Apply liberally to the entire face and neck on cleansed skin. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse. Can be used occasionally or as an intensive treatment once or twice a week. Type of skin:  Mature Skin / Anti-Ageing. Ingredients: Red Algae Extract (Chondrus crispus); Matrixyl 6; Marine Hyaluronic Complex.
CAD: $47.50
USD: $36.54


Thalgo Cryodetox Mask (50ml)
The Ceyodetox Mask is Rich in Complexe O2 Protect (anti-pollution), this ultra-fresh gel mask offers your skin a breath of fresh air and an instant “pick-me-up” effect. Your skin regains its vitality and tone. Directions for use: Apply once or twice a week in a thin, even layer over the face and neck. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with a tissue or rinse the excess with clear water. Type of skin: Dull / Lacklustre Skin. Ingredients: Complexe O2 protect, salicylic acid, and extract of morenga seed. 
Thalgo Thalgogive Firming Gel Mask has a powerful and instant lifting effect thanks to the contouring properties of Polylift - an active ingredient derived from sweet almond proteins.Apply in a fine and even layer. Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.
This integral gel-mask is the direct result of Thalgo professional technology. It acts like a second skin and is infused with pure Substance Initiale Marine that is "micro-injected" into wrinkles. Your skin is smoothed, intensely hydrated and your complexion is radiant. This coffret contains 6 masks, a brush and a small dish.Usage: Using a brush, apply generously to the entire face and neck. Lave on for 20 minutes and then rinse. 6-week course of treatment.
Thalgo Exceptional Eyes Cream (15ml)
Your eyes light up and reveal all their beauty! Excellence for your eyes: this ultra-effective youth concentrate with its silky, velvety texture, has a perfect affinity with the delicate skin of the eye area. As with the Cream, "Sublime Pink" pearly particles and argireline work together to provide a smoothing and dermo-relaxing corrective action. The "lifting" effect is optimised by the shapnig properties of polylift. Directions for use: Use morning and evening. Gently smooth around the eye contour.  Type of skin: All Skin Types. 
Thalgo Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask (50ml)
Developed from a very gentle natural base, this mask immediately soothes the signs of irritation on sensitive or reactive skins. 100% of users noticed an immediate soothing effect! The exceptional body treatments refine, tone, and ease tensions, while the facials offer spectacular results in purifying, hydrating, and firming. Type of skin: Sensitive and Reactive skin.
For All Skin Types. Enriched with Marine Elastin and plant extracts (Hazel tree, Hyssop), this firming cream helps prevent slackening for youthfully-looking eye contours.  
For All Skin Types. With its immediate tightening effect, this gel helps drain and decongest the eye area. Camomile Extracts and Marine Trace Elements wipe awaysigns of fatigue and leave your skincontours looking refreshed.  
Thalgo Deep Cleansing Absorbent Mask (50ml)
This is a cream mask that re-balances oily skin and brightens a dull complexion. Cleans healthy skin - Rich in natural clay, this mask absorbs excess sebum and lifts away the skin's impurities. Your skin looks wonderfully healthy, matter, fresh and radiant. Directions for use: Apply in an even layer once or twice a week to the entire face and neck (or only to the T-zone for combination skin), avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Type of skin: Oily Skin.
For All Skin Types. Formulated with plant extracts and orange essence to assure a balanced complexion and healthy look. The tightening effect relieves stress-lines  
For All Skin Types. Rapidly and easily applied, Patch-Mask helps preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your appearance. With tightening, restoring and reviving marine actives, this patch contributes to the diminishment of signs of ageing and fatigue.  
Thalgo Hydration Line: Moisture Quenching Mask (50ml)
Just like plants, all skin types need to drink to prevent them from wilting. Therefore, at any age, hydrating is a key gesture for the skin. Reviving hydrating "bath" this mask provides your skin with all that it needs to rehydrate and relax. With a single application, your skin will recover its optimum moisture level, comfort and softness. Direction for use: Apply Moisture Quenching Mask in an even layer over the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye contours.
For Sensitive Skin. With Witch Hazel and marine extracts. To calm, decongest and freshen the skin for a perfectly harmonious complexion. Encourages tissue oxygenation, cooling, calming. Apply to face and neck 1-2 times weekly.  
For Oily Skin. For oily, acne, problem skin. With nourishing micronized marine algae, this rich cream mask re-balances oily skin and brightens a dull complexion without the causing irritation.  
For All Skin Types. Rich in propolis and marine actives to purify and nourish the skin. The perfect pH and softening agents in the formula relax and increase skin comfort. Recommended for dry dehydrated skin.  
For All Skin Types. Rich in plant extracts with softening, invigorating & regenerating properties. The skin immediately regains its original peachy glow. Usage: Once or twice weekly. Apply an even layer on a perfectly cleansed face and neck, avoid the eye area. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water. Ingredients: Complexe O2 Marine - Boosts respiration & growth of skin cells. Cactus Flower Glycolysate - Moisturising. Arnica Extract - Softening, regenerating.  
Thalgo Melt-Away Mask (50ml)
As soon as it is applied, this fresh mask melts into your skin to offer it a true nourishing bath. Your skin is perfectly nourished and recovers suppleness and softness. Sensations of tightness and discomfort are instantly eased away. This soft setting mask rich in vitamins remineralises and brightens the complexion. Directions for use:  Once or twice a week.Apply a generous layer on a perfectly cleansed skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply an even layer on a perfectly cleansed face and neck, avoid the eye area.