Thalgo Body Care


All Skin Type

Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae (M.M.A.) Powder (10*40g)
The  Micronized Marine Algae Powder is rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. It re-mineralizes, relaxes, rebalances,  relieves aches and brings nutrition for your body. Mineral and vitamin rich powder. Directions for use: Pour the contents of one sachet into the bath under the running water. After 15 to 20 minutes in the bath, wrap up in a bath robe and relax for a period equivalent to the bath time. Follow with a warm or cool shower. You can also mix a small amount with water to form a cake like consistency and apply it as a mask to your face and chest.
CAD: $47.50
USD: $36.54
Thalgo Descomaks Body Scrub (200ml)
The Descomaks Body Scrub eliminates dead surface skin cells, smoothes rough areas and stimulates the skins surface. Your skin look fresh and healthy. Directions for use: Apply all over the body on a dry or damp skin. Once a week for dry/sensitive skin, up to twice weekly for oily skin. Type of skin: All skin types.
CAD: $51.50
USD: $39.62
Thalgo Marine Shower Gel (250ml)
Eliminates impurities & respects the hydro-lipidic film of the skin. Softens and hydrates leaving the skin invigorated. Daily.  Under the shower. Lather well and rinse off completely. Can be applied with a loofah which also increases blood circulation). May also be used as a luxurious bubble bath by adding 1 capful under running water whilst filling the bath.
CAD: $29.50
USD: $22.69

For Body

Thalgo Biodépyl Anti-Regrowth Solution Sensitive Areas is a gel specially formulated for sensitive areas; helps delay regrowth and works significantly on all parameters (density, length) of hair after waxing and depilation. Delicate areas are soothed and stay smooth for a longer period of time.
CAD: $15.00
USD: $11.54
Thalgo Summer Dreams Body Mist (100ml)
Your skin feeling soft and supple thanks to moisturising and emollient properties of coconut pulp extract. Its freshness fragrance with floral-fruity notes of tangerine zest, peach skin and white flower envelops the body in a summery scent and a refreshing sensation after a long sunny day. Directions for use: Spray all over the body after showering or bathing and at any moment of the day. Type of Skin: All skin types.
CAD: $27.00
USD: $20.77
Luxurious and nourishing, leaving the skin velvety smooth and silky soft. Brown sugar, salt and Mediterranean essential oils blend together in this delicious and purifying body scrub. Apply on damp skin, make circular movements, rinse. Brown Sugar, Salts, Essential Oils from citrus, grapefruit, petit grain, and mandarin.
CAD: $76.00
USD: $58.46
This fine white powder with soothing musky scents transforms into a creamy, sensual milk on contact with water. Your body indulges in pure pleasure, tensions slip away, and your skin is covered with subtle, shimmering veil.Pour this bath powder under hot running water and watch it transform into a creamy, sensual milk. Delight in its soothing musky scents and let your tensions slip away... Your body indulges in pure pleasure and your skin is covered with a shimmering, moisturizing veil.
Before: $55.00
CAD: $35.20
USD: $27.08
For All Skin Types. Helps eliminate fluid. Rich in refreshing fatigue-fighting actives, Gel for Feather-Light Legs averts and relieves the discomfort of heavy, tired legs. Actions: Decongests and tones heavy legs. Refreshes and relieves instantly. Relaxes and diminishes the sensation of tired legs.  
CAD: $39.00
USD: $30.00
Thalgo Stretch Mark Cream (100ml)
Assists the production of collagen and elastin fibres and has the capacity to fight against the direct action of the corticoids on the fibroblasts. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and fights free-radicals. Morning &/or Evening. Massage onto the affected area in circular movements. Prevention, during pregnanc  3rd month until return of menstrual cycle. Puberty or weight gain. Commence when the body is starting to undergo changes. For repair.  Direction for use: Apply once daily to affected areas for a minimum of 3 months.
CAD: $66.00
USD: $50.77
For Body. Helps activate the breakdown of fat deposits. An algae concentrate enriched with essential oils of Moroccan Cedar, Spearmint, Cardamon and Juniper Berry known for their silhouette-refining properties.  
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
For All Skin Types. Prevents the destruction of elastin fibres whilst firming and toning. Has a lightening effect on age spots and revitalizes. Morning &/or Evening. Apply to bust, neck and décolletage. Used prior to application of moisturisers or products containing oil. Ingredients: Liftline  → Firming, tensing Cystosiera Amentacea → Restructuring.  
CAD: $68.50
USD: $52.69
Thalgo Soft Hydrating Emulsion (250ml)
For All Skin Types. Hydrates the skin surface whilst rendering the skin soft and supple. Morning &/or Evening. Apply in an all over light body massage after showering.  Directionsfor use: Use morning and evening. Apply in an all over light body massage after shower. Type of skin: All skin types. Ingredients: Mirual-  Hydrating; Sesame Oil - Softening.  
CAD: $41.00
USD: $31.54
Thalgo Intensive Nourishing Cream (200ml)
Nourishes, hydrates leaving the skin glowing and resilient. Daily Light massage to protect, soften and moisturise. Directions for use: Gently massage, concentrating on dry areas (elbows and knees), to protect, soften and moisturize. Type of skin: All skin types.  Ingredients: Mirual → Hydrating Phospholipids → Lightening.  
CAD: $76.00
USD: $58.46


Thalgo Glacier Body Mist (100ml)
The Glacier Body Mist moistures properties and gives a feeling of freshness and well-being to the skin, enveloping it in a delicate, energizing aqua scent. Directions for use: Mist over the entire body after showering or bathing, and use, as a spritz to freshen up during the day. Type of skin: All skin types. Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Alcohol Denat., PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil.
Thalgo Effervescent Bath Care Pebbles (6*33g)
The Effervescent Bath Care Pebbles helps promote well being and relaxation, strengthens skin's natural protective barrier and leaves your skin hydrated. It gives moment of gentle serenity. Subtle fragrance of floral freshness and precious wood. Directions for use: Drop one pebble into you bath.Type of skin: All skin types.
Thalgo Plasmalg Marine Gel (150ml)
The Plasmalg Marine Gel remineralizes, purifies and improves micro-circulation. This Gel helps with calming irritations from psoriasis, eczema, cuts; Reduces redness; helps to rebalance of skin. Directions for use: Apply all over the body before the bath, concentrating on the legs if they feel tired. When used to care for oily skin or the scalp, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. Type of skin: Oily to combination skin. Ingredients: Micronized marine algae: purifying, healing
The ideal preparation for refining your body, this exfoliating cream is perfect for eliminating impurities. Applied with a massaging action, it activates the microcirculation and drains the tissue. The skin is softer, finer and more receptive to subsequent skincare products for optimum slimming results. Apply to dry or damp skin once or twice a week before a Thalgomince skincare product.
For All Skin Types. Stress by work, pollution and the many demands of daily life, we are increasingly searching for ways to help us feel better. To meet these needs in terms of relaxation and well-being, Thalgo has crossed the seas and oceans to harness the serenity and relaxing power of the Orient. This cream with rice bran oil has a the silkiest texture. It nourishes your body and leaves it exceptionally soft. Your skin is delicately perfumed with the scent of milky sandalwood and covered with a sensual powdery finish. You feel perfectly relaxed.  
For Body.  This complex helps reduce water retention. An algae concentrate enriched with essential oils of Wintergreen, Basil, Carrot and Careuva. Relieves and relaxes tired legs.  
For Body. To regain energy and tonus, An algae concentrate enriched with essential oils of Sylvester Pine, Peppermint, Hyssop and Rosemary. This truly fatigue-fighting complex revitalizes body and soul.  
For Body. For total well-being and relaxation. An algae concentrate enriched with essential oils of Lavender, Magnolia, Rose, Roman Camomile and Bitter Orange. This complex helps calm stress related problems and ensures a peaceful night sleep.  
For All Skin Types. Capislow and the essential oils of lemon, lavendin, verbena and camomile combine their actions to reduce and slow-down the hair re-growth. Calming & soothing, the Efficiensea relieves irritation induced by hair removal. The hair is finer, less strong and less visible. The skin remains soft, without signs of irritation. Retards hair growth, producing a thinner re-growth, purifies the skin, tightens the pores and calms. Spray on to treated areas the day of depilation and for the following three days. Allow to absorb completely.
For All Skin Types. Alcohol-free, this product was formulated specifically to help retard the re-growth of facial hair and hair on the sensitive areas (under-arms, bikini). The skin is soft and calm (redness is reduced). The comfort and softness of the skin is improved. Slows hair re-growth, produces a finer re-growth texture, protects the skin against potential irritation of these sensitive areas. Apply a small quantity daily to a perfectly cleansed, dry skin.
For All Skin Types. This rich and creamy texture envelopes the skin like a real slimming patch. As a preventative or stabilising treatment, Thalgomince Cream LC 24, with its fresh scent helps the skin regain its smooth and toned appearance. Apply once a day to areas of concern using the specific home application technique. Used during the LC 24 massage in conjunction with Thalgomince Solution. Ingredients: Adipo-Reset. Silhouette refining Caffeine Complex → Lipolytic action 24 hour caffeine → Lipolytic action.
Thalgo Satinizing Dry Oil (150ml)
This aerosol spray nourishes and hydrates whilst aiding in skin repair. Provides a glowing, radiant skin. Morning &/or Evening. After showering, spray over entire body on a slightly humid skin. Directions for use: Spray over entire body after showering or bathing.  Type of skin:Dry Skin Types. Ingredients: Rissoella Verruculosa -Skin repair; Hypericum Oil - Relaxing.  
For All Skin Types. Improves the quality of the skin. Enriched with tightening & restructuring active ingredients, it restores skin firmness & tone. Morning and/or Evening. Apply to areas that are prone to loss of elasticity (inside of arms and thighs, buttocks, stomach etc) in light circular movements. Ingredients: Marine Pro-Collagen → Protects & stimulates the synthesis of anchoring proteins Hydroxyprolisilane → Firms tissues by stimulating collagen synthesis.  
For All Skin Types. Thalgo ThalgoSlim Slimming Concentrate has been specially formulated to actively combat stubborn cellulite. Its combination of exceptionally effective active ingredients acts on every stage of lipolysis. Day after day, Thalgo ThalgoSlim Slimming Concentrate melts away undesirable fatty deposits and helps reduce the orange-peel appearance of the skin. Apply Thalgo ThalgoSlim Slimming Concentrate morning and evening to cellulite-prone areas (hips, buttocks, thighs, stomach, etc) with upward circular movements. Avoid contact with the eyes.
For All Skin Types. With a delicate ginger fragrance, ThalgoSculpt Firming Concentrate is a true targeted treatment to combat sagging skin and loss of elasticity. It contains Marine Pro-Collagen which restructures & strengthens the skin. Apply morning and evening to areas prone to sagging (inside of arms and thighs, buttocks, stomach etc.)  
Thalgo Thalassobath with Algae (600g)
Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Derived from Fucus, Laminaria and Lithothamnions. This wonderful bath therapy relieves muscular fatigue and increases metabolism. Thalassobain is taken from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Thalassobath salts can help relieve stress, tone muscle, reduce cellulite, and reduce fatigue Thalassobath Directions for use: Used once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes. Just fill your bath and add a capful of the rich sea salts. Type of skin: All skin types. Ingredients: Micronized Marine Algae, Sea Salt.  
For Body. This gel contains algae actives, which contribute to all necessary stages in a slimming programme. A gold translucent gel with marine blue millispheres in suspension helps reduce the orange peel appearance by diminishing fatty deposits. Use daily or in conjunction with any other slimming product for maximum results.  

Hand Care

Thalgo Youthful Hand Cream (75ml)
Hydrating and nourishing whilst fighting against the appearance of pigmentation spots and premature skin-ageing. Daily Light massage to protect, soften and moisturise. Directions for use: Gently massage into hands few times a day. Type of skin:All skin types. Ingredients: Mirual - Hydrating; Peach Extracts - Lightening. 
CAD: $25.50
USD: $19.62

Source Marine

For the perfect at-home spa treat, Thalgo Lagoon Water Bath Pebbles combine the relaxing power of the active ingredient with the pleasure of a lagoon blue bath and aquatic aromas reminiscent of the atolls of the Polynesian islands.
CAD: $6.00
USD: $4.62

Cold Cream Marine

Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Foot Cream contains Cold Cream Marine to deeply nourish and protect dry and very dry feet. This silky smooth cream is non-greasy, non-sticky, and quickly absorbed. Sweet and fresh notes with hints of peach, green leaves, and white musk.  
CAD: $32.00
USD: $24.62
Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Body Cream is the first intensive treatment with Cold Cream Marine that durably nourishes and effectively soothes and repairs dry and sensitive skin. This creamy and ultra sensory butter melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Sweet and fresh notes with hints of peach, green leaves, and white musk. 
CAD: $59.00
USD: $45.38
Thalgo Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream is a 2-in-1 cream balm with Cold Cream Marine that nourishes and comforts dry hands and effectively helps strengthen nails. Sweet and fresh notes with hints of peach, green leaves, and white musk.
CAD: $24.00
USD: $18.46
Thalgo 24H Hydrating Body Milk is the first daily body lotion with Cold Cream Marine that delivers intense hydration that lasts up to 24 hours. This velvet veil cream absorbs quickly so that you can get dressed in an instant. Sweet and fresh notes with hints of peach, green leaves, and white musk. 
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31