Swiss Line Cell Shock White

All Skin Type

Swissline Facial Brightening Essence
It is the improved formula version that tackles the cycle of cellular toxicity in our skin that causes skin aging. The concept of facial essence with urban stress came out from the idea of an essence that offers daily protection to the skin and at same time boosting the skin's own detoxing capacities.A gel in essence product that is highly recommended for aging skin that need intensified brightening and significant improvement in evenness. It has active ingredients such as AHA Botanical Blend, Aura Light-Cellular Culture and Ocean Matrix Water.
CAD: $165.00
USD: $126.92
Overnight Brightening Power Cream
This intensive lightening night cream addresses two important concerns that often worry consumers simultaneously: pigmentation spots and pore size!. The product's advanced technology works together with the body's sleep rhythm using enzymatic action and cell proliferation and dormancy- a new track never used before! The cream-gel texture is a "dream-come-true" for all those women who want a non-greasy night-time alternative to riches night creams. Benefits- Quickly lightens the entire complexion and fades pigmentation spots.
CAD: $300.00
USD: $230.77
Swissline Brightening Cure Ampoules (8*3ml)
The ultra concentrated formula is comprised of a synergistic combination of active ingredients that target pigmentation at its core and help to fade spots and lighten overall skin color. Skin Types:All skin types. Benefits:A comprehensive anti-aging ingredient lifts the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps correct future pigmentation disorders at their origin.Equalizes the skin tone by fading age spots, once it “dissolves” the cumulated Lipofuscin deposits.
CAD: $320.00
USD: $246.15
Swissline Brightening Pen (15ml)
A rapid targeted treatment against pigmentation & age spots.Designed as a convenient roll-on applicator for targeted precision.Formulated with ultra-stable active ingredients.Visibly minimizes color of existing spots.Reveals an evenly-toned & youthful looking complexion.Applicable to face neck dcollet & hands.Can be reapplied during daytime for boosted whitening & photo protective benefits.
CAD: $110.00
USD: $84.62
Swissline White-Crystal Toner (150ml)
This crystal-clear toner removes all traces of impurities leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized. Rich in Cellactel 2 White Complex and cleansing botanical ingredients, it whitens while reducing pore size and shine so light reflects evenly off of the skin. Skin Conditions:• All skin types. Benefits:• Offers a whitening action as it refines pores to give a perfected skin surface which reflects light and gives an even fairness. • It prepares the skin for subsequent application of the active Cell Shock White products.
CAD: $78.00
USD: $60.00
Swissline White-Oxygen Cleanser & Mask (150ml)
This gentle cleanser removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin, while simultaneously eliminating dust and dirt, environmental toxins and make-up. It can also be used as a weekly mask for a deeper cleansing and lightening action. Beech Shoot extract, an oxygenating ingredient, purifies the complexion while vitamins and moisturizers sooth, hydrate, soften and protect the skin. Skin Conditions:• All skin types, even sensitive.  Benefits:
CAD: $78.00
USD: $60.00
Swissline Lightening Bi-Phase Veil (45ml)
This lightweight essence, the final step in your skincare regimen, will ensure your skin is protected from pollution, sun exposure and oxidation, all of which can lead to future pigmentation. Additionally, it will lighten existing skin color, enhancing the effect of makeup when used under foundation and powder. Skin Conditions:• All skin types, even sensitive. Benefits:• Prevents future pigmentation disorders triggered by environmental damage, sun exposure and oxidation.
CAD: $125.00
USD: $96.15
Swissline White Lift Day & Night Emulsion (50ml)
This feather-light, anti-aging, moisturizing emulsion visibly lifts the skin, reduces lines and wrinkles and fights the appearance of fatigue and stress. Adapted to Asian skin typology, it delivers clinically tested concentrations of whitening ingredients proven to counteract melanin synthesis.
CAD: $210.00
USD: $161.54
Swissline White Face & Eyes Essence (30ml)
Considered to be the star product of Cell Shock White, this gentle, yet powerful essence combines whitening power with anti-aging efficacy. It penetrates the skin deeply to significantly improve the skin’s color, texture and tone, with a specific focus on dark circles, pigmentation spots, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum results use in conjunction with White-Target Spot Corrector and White-Total Lift Day & Night Emulsion. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. Skin Conditions:• All skin types. 
CAD: $158.00
USD: $121.54