Swiss Line Anti Redness

Speciality Care

Swissline Intensive Anti-Redness Serum (50ml)
This smooth serum, containing a high concentration of botanical extracts, is quickly absorbed into the skin to activate micro-circulation and neutralize blood vessel reactivity.
CAD: $79.00
USD: $60.77
 Swissline Soothing Anti- Redness Emulsion (50ml)
This thin emulsion, lightly tinted with a redness neutralizing color, relieves skin irritation and brings instant comfort to the skin. The low preservative formula is fortified with a botanical complex to reduce irritation while decongesting the skin and visibly decreasing flushing; an osmotic agent to prevent breakouts; and Ceramides to strengthen the skin’s healing ability. 
CAD: $74.90
USD: $57.62