Sothys is a French company that was created in 1946 and specializes in cosmological products containing as few preservatives as possible. Sothys is created by professionals for professionals; the sophistication of Sothys skin care serums and Sothys Intensive Care Products, Sothys Emulsions, and Sothys Creams, has been industry-renowned for more than 50 years. Sothys biotechnology is based on plant and marine proteins, natural enzymes, and aromatic extracts. Their formulations are non-comedogenic and do not contain any crude alcohol's or animal extracts. Sothys specializes in the intensive treatment of dehydrated skin, photo-aged skin, as well as offering the only complete dedicated line for fragile capillaries and sensitive/reactive skin. Sothys does not test on animals. SOTHYS, a symbol of beauty in the Egyptian mythology. When created in 1946, SOTHYS was a Parisian Beauty Salon, which developed its own products and treatments. In those days, Doctor Hotz, founder of the brand, being definitively ahead of his time, created fresh cosmological products containing as few preservatives as possible. He named this line: Biological Beauty Products. His theory was the following: too many preservatives may cause allergic reactions and affect one’s skin health. This theory has been borne out by the fact, as the use of most of this products is regulated by law nowadays. Ever since Sothys started specializing in extraordinary treatment concepts and products, it has done so in a simple, easy to understand fashion. Sothys line can simply be divided into three major categories: Sothys Basic Care, Sothys Specialized Care and Sothys Intensive Care. Since its creation SOTHYS excels in professional face, body and sun care for women’s well being and beauty. Stress, tiredness, dryness, ageing, and external aggressions - the story of your daily life is told by the state of your skin. Sothys - the beauty salon specialists, give you a precise diagnosis and personalized advice to help you to understand and protect your skin before carrying out any treatment. Visit Sothys website.