Sothys Secret


All Skin Type

For All Skin Types. Secrets de Sothys offers an unprecedented victory against cutaneous stress and its consequences. It profits from a major cosmetic innovation, Tex-OE�, a prickly pear identified as a HSP stimulator of "stress protein" and a cell protector. Tex-OE� stimulates the skin's stress proteins, which have the ability to preserve the cellular viability of the skin in times of stress. As we age, there is a decreased ability in the body to respond to stress.
CAD: $204.00
USD: $156.92
For All Skin Types. A ground-breaking, scientifically advanced treatment to counter the effects of hormonal aging. For women, aged 40 and older. All women who expect from their anti-ageing cream, the excellence and pleasure of a unique high technology formula already know the Secrets de Sothys cream. Sothys goes further and launches Sothys global treatment A real anti-age nectar that sublimates your skin and visibly transforms it in 21 days.  
CAD: $275.00
USD: $211.54
For Body Care. Global, stress relieving, anti-age treatment with a tensor effect offers an anti-slackening and de-stressing answer with spectacular results. A veritable fountain of youth from head to toe. Discover every day the delightful sensation of an unctuous care product which gives to the body a delicious perfumed veil, through the essences of marjoram and ylang-ylang, and a velvety skin.  
CAD: $150.00
USD: $115.38

Mature Skin

For Mature Skin. A targeted specific care, multi-benefits precious formula. Anti-wrinkle/smoothing/firming cocktail for a volume giving enhancer effect : with the new Secrets de Sothys intense lip care, beauty speaks for itself. Never before has a lip care gone this far! 4 smoothing/anti-wrinkle/refirming actives including Matrixyl� (efficiency comparable to Rétinol) 2 anti-stress/anti-pollution actives: TEX-OE + Bioprotectyl 3 plumping actives including MAXI-LIP 1 - hydrating avocado cocktailIntense lip care is applied by a delicate massage on lips and lip contour.
CAD: $91.00
USD: $70.00