Sothys Oily Skin Line

A multi-active care for problem skins : absorption of sebaceous impurities (tea tree oil) and intense exfoliation thanks to salicylic acid. For a clear complexion, a fresh and healthy skin.

Normal to Oil Skin

For Oily Skin. Suited for oily skins, Hydra-matt fluid tightens pores, makes skin matt, while hydrating and protecting it. Light and refreshing, its gelly texture is quickly absorbed and leaves skin matt, soft and clear. Ingredients: Absorbing Powders: Synthetic powder which absorbs excess sebum without drying the skin and gives a soft skin with matt feeling. Studies show that these powders absorb 3 times more sebum than traditional powders (kaolin, talc. ), but does not absorb any water.
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31
For Oily skin with Blemish Problems. An effective program that balances the skin, thus refining the pores, clearing problem areas, normalizing blemishes and ridding the skin or impurities. Ingredients: Biostimulins Corn Grains: A vegetable extract obtained from corn grains, according to the Filatov method (conditions of extreme survival. ) In this condition, the extract uses all its capacity to defend itself by stimulating its own properties. It is used to activate the exchange between cells and their environment, thus stimulating the renewal of cells.
CAD: $63.00
USD: $48.46
For Oily Skin. Imperfections progressively disappear thanks to the association of lichen, liquorice and iris extracts, plus vitamin A. Purifying, balancing, this serum of watery fluid, quickly absorbed texture, leaves skin matt and soft. Small blemishes are dried up, skin texture is tighter.
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31
For Oily Skin. This serum has a specific double action on oily, shiny skins: 1. Regulation of sebum excess thanks to plant extracts. 2. Regeneration of the skin thanks to vitamin B, provitamin B5, allantoin and pineapple extract . Ingredients: Plant Complex (Burdock, Lemon, Ivy, Watercress, Soapwort and Sage): The association of certain plants act in synergy to provide complementary actions of oily skin. It effectively: cleanses, eliminates excess of sebum, regulates sebum production, stimulates micro-circulation, prevents the development of blackheads and hydrates the skin.
CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38
For Oily Skin. Formulated with sebum-interceptors and with menthol, Absorbant mask dries up small spots, tightens pores, absorbs sebum excess and impurities. Its powdery-creamy texture is easy to apply and remove. This mask brings an immediate feeling of freshness and relaxation. Results: complexion is clear, skin is clear, matt, healthy. Ingredients: Kaolin: Used by the Egyptians to eliminate skin impurities, this clay has plenty of trace elements that remineralizes the skin.
CAD: $49.00
USD: $37.69