Sothys Moisturizing Line

A dehydrated skin is a skin, which cracks, flakes and allows the formation of fine lines... In order to retain its radiance, softness and tone, the water balance of the skin must be maintained and it must be protected against the drying effects of wind, sun, cold and hard water. High performance hydration containing biotechnology-derived active ingredients for spectacular results : a hydration level of +183%. The skin is once again soft and comfortable, in an atmosphere of absolute well being with Digi-Esthetique and Hydroptimale - Ultimate Sothys moisturizers for your skin care.

All Skin Type

All Skin Types. A hydration* concentrate to restore absolute comfort to the skin. Use it as an intensive boost: it optimises the efficiency of the creams: up to +63% hydration*.  
CAD: $109.00
USD: $83.85
For All Skin Types. Moisture quenching mask for an immediate freshness effect and an hydration bath for your skin.  
CAD: $56.00
USD: $43.08

Dry Skin

Normal To Dry Skin. The 3-dimension intelligence for an ideally hydrated* skin. You can feel it, your skin is visibly beautiful when it is perfectly hydrated: supple, relaxed and protected, it is glowing. Whatever your skin type is, the maintenance of its hydric degree is an essential beauty care. But do you know that its principal source of water is located in the centre of your own cells? Sothys research confirms this source: only a care which stimulates the skin�s own auto-hydration* mechanisms will be truly efficient.
CAD: $89.00
USD: $68.46

Normal to Oil Skin

Normal to Combination Skin. Ultra-fresh and melting texture. Can be applied in the morning and/or in the evening. The 3-dimension hydration* essential cares in your bathroom� A delightful care line to indulge without moderation day after day. Proven efficiency.  
CAD: $89.00
USD: $68.46