Sothys Dry Skin Line

Essential oils contain many active ingredients, are highly fragrant and 100% natural. They have always been recognized for their exceptional physical and psychological affects. A new complete care programme oriented toward pleasure of the senses. An exclusive method proposing both modelling and personalized hand movements after assessing your well being capital by your beautician, for a softening-moisturizing effect, a relaxing or energizing effect.

Dry Skin

For Dry Skin. Rich nourisher stimulate the skin's natural cell renewal process and replenish lost oils. Active Ingredients: Shea butter, rice brand oil, hyaluronic acid, hazelnut oil, orizanol. Ingredients: Lupine Extract: A plant extract that stimulates the synthesis of two epidermal proteins: involucrin and filaggrin. Lupine reinforces the skin's protection and permeability barrier. Ceramides: A special type of lipid, sphingosine, found in the stratum corneum. These lipids are responsible for maintaining the moisture level of the skin.
CAD: $67.00
USD: $51.54
For Dry Skin. Very nourishing. This SOS treatment for ultra-dry skins brings comfort to the skin and puts an end to sensation of tightness. A truly protective balm, it diminishes skin dryness and improves skin protection. Non-greasy, it penetrates easily and leaves a matt protective film on skin surface. Apply on a perfectly clean skin, and help penetrate with light stroking movements to the face, neck and neckline. To be used in the morning and/or in the evening. Ingredients: Lupine Extract: A plant extract that stimulates the syntheses of two epidermal proteins involucrin and filaggrin.
CAD: $73.00
USD: $56.15
For Dry Skin. With its surprisingly fine texture, this serum contains vegetable oils and essential fatty acids that brings suppleness and nutrition to the skin. Leaves the skin matt and non-greasy. Its composition is suitable for dry and ultra-dry skin. Apply a few drops of serum on your palm, then use light stroking movements on all the face and neck area, avoiding the eye contour area. Follow with Nutrithys cream for dry skin or ultra-dry skin, according to skin's needs. Ingredients: A fine textured serum made of a concentratin of 55% plant oils that is quickly absorbed into the skin.
CAD: $83.00
USD: $63.85