Sothys Body Care Line

Essential oils contain many active ingredients, are highly fragrant and 100% natural. They have always been recognized for their exceptional physical and psychological affects. A new complete care programme oriented toward pleasure of the senses. An exclusive method proposing both modelling and personalized hand movements after assessing your well being capital by your beautician, for a softening-moisturizing effect, a relaxing or energizing effect.

For Body

For All Skin Types. Soften and quench thirsty body skin with this fresh feeling, soothing gel moisturizer. Spa Water and Beech Tree Bud Extract energize and hydrate the skin. Sothys Eau Thermale Softening Body Gel is a fresh gel that disperses easily to leave the skin soft and moisturised.  
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
All Skin Types. A spray of fresh and hydrating mist in a cloud of stimulating active ingredients and fragrances. A slightly milky treatment water, which leaves the skin supple, fresh, smooth and satiny. Usage: Complex of energizing essential oils (eucalyptus, cardamom, neroli, nutmeg, red thyme), alphabisabolol, soft foaming base  
CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38
All Skin Types. A very soft cleansing formula leaving the skin sparkling and tonic. Continue the overwhelming sense of bliss at home with this luxurious lathering cleanser. One whiff of the energizing fragrance turns the shower into a refreshing, eye-opening experience.  
CAD: $36.00
USD: $27.69
All Skin Types. Magical, this very concentrated dry oil is an invitation to happiness: when massaged, it restores tonus and felicity. The skin is divinely satiny and full of energizing active ingredients. Ingredients: Complex of energizing essential oils (eucayptus, cardamome, neroli, nutmeg, red thyme), ginseng, caroten, corn oil.  
CAD: $59.00
USD: $45.38
All Skin Types. Effervescent, playful and revitalizing bath pebbles which enrich the bath with their tonic and energizing fragrance. A particular moment of pleasure and wellness.  
CAD: $65.00
USD: $50.00
All Skin Types. Fine and unctuous, this highly concentrated cream gives protection against the strains and irritations of daily life. Soothing, softening and hydrating texture. Apply all over the hands and to the nails. Hands are smooth and lovely.
CAD: $25.00
USD: $19.23
All Skin Type. Enriched with almond oil, it pleasantly refines the texture of the skin, making it perfectly soft and smooth. Daily use recommended on damp skin. Usage: Apply to the wet body using circular movements. Lather and invigorate. Rinse well.  
CAD: $52.00
USD: $40.00
All Skin Type. It visibly gives softness and suppleness to the epidermis. Fresh and non-greasy, it leaves your skin silky and satiny. Use daily and nightly after a shower or bath.
CAD: $46.00
USD: $35.38
All Skin Types. All women wish to prolong the softness, smoothness and clearness after hair removal. Reference brand recommended by the professional in Beauty Salons and spas, Sothys launches Post-depilatory intense care with Thalassothys complex.Adapted to all skin types, formulated for all areas (face, underarm, legs, bikini line), the active ingredients have been selected : to suppress/inhibit the production of hair constituentsto weaken the root at the heart of the bulbto slow the hair re-growth.
CAD: $62.00
USD: $47.69
All Skin Types. Sothys Cryogel for legs, soothes and freshens the legs, penetrate using massaging from the feet to the thighs. Does not stain. Ingredients: Fucus Extract: Stimulates blood circulation. Witch Hazel Extract: Regulates and revitalizes the skin's circulation, providing a vasoconstricting and decongesting effect. Horse Chestnut Extract: Astingent, vaso-protector, anti-inflammatory. Rosemary Essential Oil: Tonifying. Stimulates blood circulation. Menthol: An extract of mint, has calming, antiseptic, refreshing and aromatic benefits. Stimulates blood circulation.
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
All Skin Types. The extract of chlorella algae and silicium complex tighten the surface of the skin. The karite butter softens the epidermis which regains vitality, elasticity and firmness. Contains a very remineralising enriched Guerande mud + Hydroxyprolisilane C (6%) an active ingredient to prevent and repair stretch marks. Ingredients: Shea Butter (7%): A natural plant oil derived from an African fruit of the karite tree. Highly used for its exceptional skin-conditioning results activates healing, reduces skin dryness and nourishes.
CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38
All Skin Types. For a very radiant and firm neckline, this gel gives a quick and visible firmness effect. Formula enriched with Mother Waters of Guerande for an intense remineralising and restructuring effect. Ingredients: Liftiline: A deriviate of wheat proteins. They smooth the skin and reduce lines, while providing an immediate tightening effect. Helps the skin regain firmness and elasticity. Toniskin: From yeast extract, reinforces the germinative layer by improving the cohesion of the epidermis and dermis, thus providing for a more toned skin.
CAD: $62.00
USD: $47.69
All Skin Types. The most recent creation of the Sothys research laboratory, Body contour serum offers a high technology global answer, unique in beauty salons that: -slow down the formation of cellulite-stimulate the waste elimination-smooth -streamline the body contoursFormulated from an exclusive complex: marine liposomes , Isocell Slim. Integrating in World innovation, Sculpturine, a global active with promotional properties.
CAD: $79.00
USD: $60.77