Skeyndor Urban White


All Skin Type

Skeyndor Urban White: Shield Hand Cream (75ml)
Formulated to treat and prevent aging in hands and pigmentation. Its formulation promotes a more unified skin tone, a firmer appearance in skin tone and slows down the cosmetic damage caused by the sun and tobacco. With SPF 15 protection factor.
Before: $37.00
CAD: $34.90
USD: $26.85
Skeyndor Urban White: Spot Eraser Cream (15ml)
Depigmenting agents specific formula designed with a great spectrum to quickly lighten the tone of any type of pigmentation or discoloration. Apply only in areas that are hyperpigmented.
CAD: $59.90
USD: $46.08
Skeyndor Urban White: Overnight Serum
Before: $89.90
CAD: $85.90
USD: $66.08
Skeyndor Urban White: Shield Day Cream (50ml)
Depigmenting cream that lightens the appearance of pigmentation spots and evens the skin tone. Contains a particular exopolysaccharides that protects the skin from the main urban pollutants that stimulate the darkening of skin. Suitable for people who live or work in environments with a lot of smog (smoke, fuel, tobacco, sun). With protection factor SPF20. 
CAD: $70.90
USD: $54.54
Skeyndor Urban White New Skin Foaming  Cleanser
Foam cleanser with lactic acid associated with arginine. This is a system of release of AHA's patented, sustained for a renewal without irritation. Daily use, promotes deep cleaning, brightens the skin and stimulates the synthesis of new epidermis. Suitable for all skin types.
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92
Skeyndor Urban White: Matt Compact Powder Spf50 (2 shades)
Compact makeup powder cream, which unifies skin tone in an immediate and effective protection against the sun (SPF50).
Before: $51.00
CAD: $47.90
USD: $36.85
Skeyndor Urban White: Anti-Pollution Shield MistSkeyndor Urban White: Anti-Pollu
Concentrated cooling mist enriched with thermal water that returns the skin to it's natural  balance  and well-being.
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92