Skeyndor Sun and Body Line


All Skin Type

Skeyndor Suncare: Biologic Sun Defence Emulsion Spf15 (150ml)
Waterproof emulsion which moisturizes the skin while allowing you to enjoy the sun by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. A sun protection formula is good for medium to dark skin tones.
CAD: $56.00
USD: $43.08
Skeyndor Suncare: Age Preventing Sun Lotion Spf30( 150ml )
For All Skin Types. Properties A body milk which contains sun filters and anti-free radical ingredients which are aimed at strengthening the structure of the skin, UV-PEARLS the latest technological development in micro-encapsulation. They ensure the filters are stable and maintain their efficiency. The sun protectors reflect both UVA and UVB rays. The algae have anti-cellulite properties and help to shape the figure. Darutoside, an active ingredient, helps to reorganize the collagen matrix and helps prevent stretch marks.
CAD: $68.50
USD: $52.69
Skeyndor Suncare: Bronze Plus Hydratant (400ml)
For All Skin Types. Properties A sprayable, super tanning water that refreshes and softens the skin. Provides 40% more tan. It Contains Farnesol, moisturizers, emollients and anti-salt agents. Application: Spray onto face and body, avoiding contact with the eyes. Repeat as often as desired before and during exposure to the sun. Safe for easily irritated skins. Does not contain sunscreen.  
CAD: $43.00
USD: $33.08
Skeyndor Suncare: Natural Tan Hydrating Emulsion (150ml)
Thanks to an advanced formula with natural tanning agents, give  a uniform and healthy skin tone all year round without having to sun bathe. For All Skin Types. 
CAD: $53.00
USD: $40.77

For Body

Product based on state of the art body filling techniques to help with breast volume and morphology. 
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
For All Skin Types. A fluid and pleasant-to-apply emulsion specially formulated to soften and condition body skin. Contains dermosaccharides and prosity-producing esters that improve the skin's respiration, providing luxuriance, elasticity and smoothness. It alleviates itching, helps retain moisture and balances rhe skin's pH.  
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
For All Skin Types. Firming formula that fights flaccidity in an immediate way. Contains a mixture of plants, seaweed and chrono-energising bio-elements, essential for restoring cellular communication, stimulate synthesis of supportive elements, especially collagen and elastin, and protect them from the mechanisms responsible of tissular flaccidity.  
CAD: $70.00
USD: $53.85
For All Skin Types. Stretch-marks are atrophic lesions of the skin, resulting from an abnormal dissension caused by factors such as in pregnancy, puberty or putting on weight. Stretch-marks are very difficult to correct, therefore, we should aim not only to prevent them but also to improve their appearance by regularly applying cosmetic products that promote cicatrisation and regeneration of tissue by restructuring the collagen and the elastin matrix, which are the most affected fibers by stretch-marks. Specific cream to prevent and treat stretch-marks.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
For All Skin Types. Anti-cellulite cream with a heating effect. Produces local hyperemia that intensifies the penetration of active ingredients and promotes the drainage of retained liquid. Contains seaweed and plant extracts that dissolve adipose nodules in the cellulite area, gradually eliminating the appearance of "orange peel" skin.  
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
For All Skin Types. Massage cream for body firming. Formulated with fresh kiwi and mango cells which open up during the massage and liberate all their vitamins and anti-ageing substances, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality on the skin. A vegetal complex rich in Ca, Cu and Zn. Stimulates body tone and helps fight flaccidity in tissue.  
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
For All Skin Types. Massage cream formulated with complex of plants and seaweed that help diminishing the viscosity of the subcutaneous tissue, noticeably improving the results of the veno-lymphatic drainage. It also contains buckwheat, a cereal that inhibits up to 55% (in vitro) the production of new body fat.  
CAD: $115.00
USD: $88.46
For All Skin Types. Daily body emulsion that moisturizes and protects skin which tends to be excessively dry. Formulated with dermosaccharides and ceramides which help restore the protective film of the corneal layer, restoring the barrier function in most cases of damaged skins.  
CAD: $44.00
USD: $33.85
For All Skin Types. During hot summer days, after intense exercising and people who have bad micro-circulation, it is common that legs and arms suffer, characterized by an uncomfortable feeling of swelling and tiredness. In these cases moderate cold treatments are recommended and applying draining and veno-tonic substances, which improve the natural hydrodynamics of tissues and help diminish oedema. Reducing gel with cooling effect that produces an intense sensation of freshness and relaxation.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
For All Skin Types. Bath gel with exfoliating micro-particles which deeply cleanse and soften very thick skin or skin with rough areas. Its intense renewing activity helps remove dirt and dead cells by lifting them away from the surface. Apply on wet skin and remove with plenty of water.  
CAD: $36.00
USD: $27.69
For All Skin Types. The bust is one of the body areas which demands supportive beauty treatments nowadays. Although there are different sizes and different degrees of flaccidity, the most important concern is aesthetic, and that the bust maintains or recovers its original shape and tone. SKEYNDOR has created a cosmetic product that provides a noticeable improvement in the appearance and tone of the breasts, which is suitable for any skin type and age. A product formulated with a singular complex of plants that alleviates and prevents loss of firmness of the breast.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
Skeyndor Abdo Slim Draining Gel
For All Skin Types. The abdominal area has a tendency to widen with age, abusive diets or pregnancy. To achieve a slender figure not only is it important to eat healthily or to exercise, but also to use daily specific remodeling cosmetic products to treat folds and other problems round the waist. Fortunately the skin in the abdomen is characterized by being rich in elastic and collagen fibers so it has a great capacity of recovery, and its treatment with cosmetic products can offer remarkable results.
CAD: $45.00
USD: $34.62