Skeyndor Radiance Renewing Fruit Acid Line


All Skin Type

Skeyndor Radiance Renewing Cleansing Gel
This cleansing gel is made from dermo-compatible cleansing agents. It contains carefully selected hydroxyl acids and enzymes extracted from fruit which helps to remove dead cells and any dirt accumulated on the skin while preserving the skins natural balance. 
Before: $45.90
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
Skeyndor Radiance: Renewal Emulsion (50ml)
This cream is specially formulated for oily and combination skin, and it gradually softens any small blemishes and helps to remove and prevent blemishes. It provides an intense re-balancing effect that detoxifies skin with excess oil.
Before: $59.00
CAD: $54.00
USD: $41.54

Dry Skin

Skeyndor Radiance Renewing Cream (50ml)
This overall renewal cream, particularly for dry and aging skin promotes epidermal repair and accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It strengthens the surface of the skin and provides essential substances to reinforce the skins protective layer, while revitalizing the skin. 
CAD: $52.90
USD: $40.69