Skeyndor Power C+ Line (New!)

The new POWER C+ Line by Skeyndor offers a synergy of actions that help to rejuvenate the skin: -maximum cell absorption of more than 700% on the skin’s cellsIt activates cell metabolism, producing greater collagen synthesis. - reduces the cell damage caused by UV rays (thanks to anti-oxidant action) - gives your skin firming, smoothing wrinkles and brightening (leveling skin color), reducing dark circles and improve of skin condition. Triple power of action, through a combination of acids: ascorbic acid, ellagic and biosynthesis.

All Skin Type

Skeyndor Power C+ Pure Concetrate 7.5%
Pure Concetrate gives Great Antioxidant Light Effect -->brightening and firming in 15 days!  Ingrediens: 7.5% pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Combination of phytic and elagic acids.Type of skin: all skin type.
CAD: $46.90
USD: $36.08
Skeyndor Power C+ Eye Contour Cream (15ml)
Eye Contour Cream formulated from pomegranate extract and vitamin C gives  smoothing and lightening the eye contour, reduces dark circles and decongest eyelids.  Eyes looks younger and healthier. Ingredients: Pomegranate Extract 1.5%.Caffeine, Buckwheat, Vitamin C derivated C (1,5%).
CAD: $52.50
USD: $40.38
Skeyndor Power C+ Energizing Cream SPF 15 (50 ml)
The new formula of Energizing Cream:
CAD: $77.90
USD: $59.92

Normal to Oil Skin

Skeyndor Power C+ Energizing Emulsion SPF15 (50ml)
New Energizing Emulsion with high absorption vitamin C and pomegranate extract,  protects skin from sun damage, hydrates your skin and helps to look younger. Formulated to lighten and unify skin tone.Ingredients: Pomegranate Extract, Vitamin C Derivative 3%, SPF 15 filterType of skin: for combination to oily skin types, including mature
CAD: $77.90
USD: $59.92