Skeyndor Oxygen Line Royal Jelly Line and Antioxidant Line



Skeyndor Oxygen: Skin Oxygen Cream (50ml)
For Rough and aged skins. Type of Skin Rough and aged skins. Properties Enables oxygen metabolisation. Visibly regenerates the epidermis. Treats wrinkles with optimum results in 4 weeks. Texture White emollient cream. Application Apply preferably at night, to perfectly cleansed skin. Spread a layer onto face, neck and neckline with gentle rotational massaging until completely absorbed. Active Ingredients Phospholipids: cohere intercellular cement. Points to Remeber: Enables the skin to absorb and metabolise oxygen. Regenerates devitalised skins. Decreases the depth of wrinkles.
Before: $80.00
CAD: $77.00
USD: $59.23
Skeyndor Oxygen: Skin Velours (30ml)
For Rough and aged skins. Type of Skin Rough and aged skins. Properties Synergistic action of the vitamins that act as an anti-aging complex. Revitalises deteriorated skins. Provides a silky touch to the skin. Helps to metabolise the oxygen necessary for the cutaneous tissue. Texture Transparent fluid. Application Transparent fluid. Excellent base for make-up. Active Ingredients Ceramides: cohere intercellular cement. Vitamin E: anti-free radicals. Points to Remember: From the first application, provides the skin with a silky touch. Helps to metabolise oxygen.
CAD: $66.00
USD: $50.77

Mature Skin

Skeyndor Royal Jelly Cream (50ml)
For Sun Damage Skin. Type of Skin Aged and stressed skins. Properties Moisturising and emollient. Recuperates elasticity of very dry skins. Treats cutaneous aging. Decreases the depth of wrinkles. Texture Pale yellow cream. Application After cleansing and toning skin, apply by massaging gently. May be used both day and night, as well as following treatment with ROYAL JELLY ESSENCE. Active Ingredients Royal Jelly: revitalises, compensates and repairs. Destressine: cutaneous anti-stress agent and anti-free radicals.
CAD: $59.00
USD: $45.38
Skeyndor Antioxidant: Skin Repair Cream
For Sun Damaged Skin. Type of Skin Devitalised skin with signs of stress and tiredness. Properties Combats harmful free radical agents, such as tobacco, stress and pollution, that are damaging for the skin. Moisturises and repairs the skin, protecting it from irritant agents and the sunContains vitamins encapsulated in a cyclical system that are released progressively over a 24-hour period. Contains solar filter UVA/UVB, SPF10. Texture Ivory coloured emollient cream. Application Cleanse the skin and apply the cream on the face, neck and neckline. Help its absorption with gentle massages.
CAD: $54.50
USD: $41.92
Skeyndor Antioxidant: Skin Repair Factor (30ml)
For Sun Damaged Skin. Type of Skin Asphyxiated and stressed skins. Properties Anti-oxidant. Restructures the stratum corneum. Repairs damage caused by sun, free radicals, pollution and stress. Helps to retain the skin's own moisture. Texture White gelified solution. Application Preferably at night, apply to cleansed skin, massaging gently. Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid: natural moisturiser. Pentavitin: permanent moisturiser that acts in the deepest layers of the epidermis. Repair complex: repairs damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Ceramides: restructure inter-cellular cement.
CAD: $63.50
USD: $48.85