Skeyndor Global Lift Anti-Aging Line and Dermapeel Line

If you are thinking of a face-lift... Why not start with Skeyndor's Global Lift? The new exclusive formula created by Skeyndor gives an immediate and visible face-lift effect without downtime. Reducing double chins, sagging jowls and eye bags, raises brows, redefines cheek bones and recontours cheek bones overall restoring a youthful contour for a more exacting facial definition. The Global Lift Anti-Aging Line gives your skin energy it needs to obtain an efficient lifting effect and rapidly visible results. Your face is rejuvenated, expression lines are smoothed and skin becomes firmer.

All Skin Type

Skeyndor Global Lift Anti-Aging: Definition Eye Contour Cream (15ml)
Eye Contour Cream formulated specifically for the eye contour areas. This formula firming the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and  dark circles around the eye. 
CAD: $80.90
USD: $62.23
Skeyndor Global Lift Anti-Aging: Contour Face Cream- Normal/Combination (50ml)
Global Lift Contour Face Cream formulated specifically for use on normal to combination skin. Contains Skeyndor firming technology which redefines and firms skin on the face and neck. Your skin will look younger and healthier. 
Before: $130.00
CAD: $125.90
USD: $96.85

Dry Skin

Skeyndor Global Lift Anti-Aging: Contour Face Cream- Dry (50ml)
Skeyndor's new GLOBAL LIFT anti-age strategy acheives a face-lift effect, redifining the jaw line and reducing double chins in mature skins. It is tagrgeted at progerin, a protein that indicates cellular ageing. The concentration of this protein in the cell helps to calculate the biological age of the cells. It giving  a firming, redifining effect with less wrinkles and restores the facial fullness of young skins.
CAD: $124.90
USD: $96.08

Mature Skin

Skeyndor Dermapeel: Derma Peel Professional Pack (6 Treatments)
 DermaPeel Professional Pack Includes:Diamong Skin Exfoliating GelComfort Re-Balancing Facial SpraySkin Exfoliating Factor - Phase IEnzymatic Factor - Phase IINeutralizing Fresh Mask 
CAD: $197.00
USD: $151.54
Skeyndor Dermapeel: Derma Peel Advanced Kit
The Derma Peel Advanced Kit offers professionals a new concept in exfoliation treatment : biological exfoliation. This is a new tissue renovation strategy that acts by specifically weakening the desmosomal adhesion of the skin, but without affecting the integrity of the cells.Skin Type: Blocked, Congested, Open Pores & Cornified  
CAD: $68.90
USD: $53.00