Skeyndor Essential Line


Dry Skin

Mask with radiated clay and Chamomile extract that promotes interchanges in the epidermis and moisturizes the skin immediately, maintaining optimal moisture content. For dry and normal skin.
Before: $26.00
CAD: $23.00
USD: $17.69
For Dry Skin Types. Properties Removes make-up and dirt from the face, the neck and the neckline. Leaves a satin smooth feel on dry skins. It perfectly cleanses the skin. Texture White fluid emulsion. Application Apply some cleanser with the finger tips, leave for a few seconds and remove with cotton wool. Apply some Camomile Tonic. Use day and night. Active Ingredients Camomile extract: plant extract that calms and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Points To Remember Calming emulsion that leaves the face feeling satin smooth and with a fresh sensation.  
Before: $32.00
CAD: $28.00
USD: $21.54
Skeyndor Camomile Tonic (250ml)
For Dry Skin. Type of Skin Normal and dry skin. Properties Efficiently completes the daily cleansing process. Refreshes and tones the skin. The skin is perfectly prepared for further treatments. Texture Pink transparent solution. Application After cleaning the face with Camomile emulsion, spray the product on the face and neck, leave for a few seconds and remove excess with a tissue. Active Ingredients Camomile extract: with anti-inflammatory and calming effects Points To Remember: Alcohol free tonic. Refreshing and toning effects.  
Before: $27.50
CAD: $23.50
USD: $18.08
Skeyndor Hydrant Cream with Aminoacids (50ml)
For Dry Skin. Type of Skin Normal and dry skin. Properties Moisturises and regulates the pH in dehydrated skins. Maintains the barrier function of the stratum layer in perfect condition. Ideal as a make-up base.Texture Ivory coloured creamy emulsion. Application Clean the face and apply the cream with gentle massages. You can then proceed, if desired, with make-up application. Apply in the morning after cleansing the face. Active Ingredients Amino acid complex that is essential for correct pH balance.
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92
Skeyndor Wheat Germ Oil Nourishing Cream (50ml)
For Dry Skin. Type of Skin Dry skin. Properties Cream enriched with vitamin E. Works to combat slackness and roughness in the skin. Ideal for aged skins, especially after the menopause. It leaves the skin feeling satin smooth and perfectly moisturised. Texture Rich cream. Application After cleansing the face, apply the cream with gentle circular massages. Use the cream at night times. Active Ingredients Apple pip extract: rich in phyto-stimulants.
CAD: $37.00
USD: $28.46
Skeyndor Soft Peeling (50ml)
All Skin Types. Type of Skin Suitable for all types of skin. Properties Eliminates dead cells. Stimulates the metabolism in the epidermis. Prepares the skin for further treatments. Texture Thick emulsion. Application Apply some cream on the face and leave for a few minutes. Rub and remove with cotton wool dampened with tonic. Use 2 or 3 times a week. Active Ingredients Starch: Helps epidermal bio chemical changes. Points To Remember: Soft peeling that works as a powerful cleaner. Essential for daily hygiene. Skin feels satin smooth and has a renewed look.
CAD: $20.00
USD: $15.38
Skeyndor Exfoliant Peeling Scrub (50ml)
All Skin Types. Creamy exfoliant peeling which helps eliminate dead cells. Type of Skin Suitable for all types of skin. Properties Eliminates dead cells from the cornea layer. Leaves an emollient film on the skin. Texture Emulsion with green-blue particles. Application Apply over dry or damp skin and rub with circular movements. Remove with water. Use once or twice a week. Active Ingredients Particles of Jojoba and emollients. Points To Remember: Creamy exfoliant peeling. The skin is prepared for further treatments.  
CAD: $25.00
USD: $19.23

Mature Skin

Skeyndor Glyco-30 10 treatments
Ideal product to achieve luminosity and provide moisture content for the skin.
CAD: $80.00
USD: $61.54
Skeyndor SK-Enzyme Peeling Active Lotion + Diluting Emulsion
Enzymatic treatment to exfoliate the skin. Contains a protease of biotechnological origin with keratolytic activity that rapidly eliminates any dead cells from the corneal layer.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
Skeyndor Collagen + Elastin Factor 20 treatments
Concentrated moisturizing products with immediate effects of tanning firming and protective properties.
CAD: $100.00
USD: $76.92

Normal to Oil Skin

Skeyndor Essential Glyco Foam (250 ml)
Features & Benefits: Cleans impurities deeply attached to the face. Helps to clean and make the skin more receptive to other cosmetics.Usage Instructions: Pour a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub with a foam brush to get enough. Make a brush on the face and neck, before toning. Repeat 2 or 3 times a week to keep the skin perfectly clean. Key Ingredients: Alpha hydroxide acid & Glycolic Acid: helps loosen dead cells adhered to the stratum corneum.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
Tonic with a high content in Hamamelis, with gently astringent properties.
CAD: $25.00
USD: $19.23
Clay mask with Hamamelis extract. Slightly astringent, regulates secretion of the sebaceous gland. Absorbs impurities from the skin leaving the face taut and matt.
CAD: $35.00
USD: $26.92
Skeyndor Skin Tonic with Hamamelis (250ml)
Moisturizing cream base applied in the morning or before make-up. Skin achieves a matt look, which is oil and shine free. Avoids trans-epidermal evaporation. Especially advisable for oily skin. With sunscreen.
CAD: $26.50
USD: $20.38
Fluid make-up removing emulsion with special ingredients to remove any excess oil from the skin that is secreted throughout the day.
CAD: $25.00
USD: $19.23