Sensitive & Fragile Capillaries

Increases the skin's natural defenses, thus reducing its sensitivity and bringing a feeling of comfort back to the skin.

Sensitive Skin

For Sensitive Skin. Description: A softening comfort mask with an immediate soothing effect for skins with fragile capillaries. Skin Types: sensitive, fragile. Usage: Apply a thin even layer over a thoroughly cleansed face and neck, avoiding the ye contour area. Leave on skin and relax for 15 minutes, then gently remove mask using a moist sponge. Follow up as usual with Sothys face cream. Use according to the needs of your skin. Ingredients: Natural polyphenols (hazel leaves, mint) shea butter.  
CAD: $53.00
USD: $40.77
For Sensitive Skin. Description: A highly efficient concentrated formula with natural polyphenols and proven regulation, protection and immediate soothing properties. The ideal treatment complement ot the Light and Protective cream for an optimum result! The serum boosts the action of the cream by 50% on patches of redness.Skin Types: sensitive, fragile Usage: Morning and evening, apply a few drops of serum to the areas affected with redness, avoiding the eye contour area. Massage in gently then apply the adapted Clarte & Comfort face cream.
CAD: $92.00
USD: $70.77
For Sensitive Skin. Description: This nourishing cream regulates, soothes and protects normal to dry skins with fragile capillaries. A specially adapted formula of the Light cream for dry to normal skins. A daily high protection soothing care with nourishing and hydrating actives to defy the unbalances of skin with fragile capillaries. Skin Types: normal to dry, fragile Skin Condition: fragile capillaries. Usage: On cleansed skin apply to face neck and neckline, avoid the eye contour area using light stroking movements until fully absorbed. To be used morning and/or evening.
CAD: $74.00
USD: $56.92
For Sensitive Skin. Description: Immuniscience Cream, With liquid crystals to protect langerhan cells and bring hydration and comfort to sensitive skins every day. Hypo-allergenic. Skin Types: sensitive Usage: A rapidly absorbed and calming fluid recommended for all skin types that are experiencing any topical reaction or those that are ultra-sensitive. For Home Care Use: Apply in the morning and/or evening, for at least 2 months, on a well cleansed and toned skin. Spread the fluid gently throughout the face and neck until it is fully penetrated.
CAD: $75.00
USD: $57.69
For Sensitive Skin. Description: Immuniscience Fluid, An emergency treatment it soothes and sensitises skins and protects the skin. Hypo-allergenic. Contains Osmocide and Photonyl. A super performing day/or night cream that quickly soothes, softens and calms sensitive skin while reinforcing its natural defenses. Composed of biotechnological ingredient, Photonyl, that protects the skin's immune cells. An emergency treatment specially designed to soothe ultra-sensitive skin.
CAD: $77.00
USD: $59.23
For Sensitive Skin. Description: To improve suppleness and reinforce hydration. This express mask leaves a fresh fragrance on the skin. Skin Types: sensitive Usage: For Home Care Use: Apply a moderate amount of the mask with fingertips on a clean skin. After 10-15 minutes remove with water. Follow with an appropriate Sothys lotion and cream. Ingredients: Photonyl: An original complex protected by patents. Its constituents are based on natural cellular components and amino acids, derived from biotechnology.
CAD: $51.00
USD: $39.23