Phytomer White Lumination Collection

All Skin Type

Phytomer Complexion Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 (50ml)
The Complexion Moisturizing Cream moisturizes and reduces the appearance of liver spots, age spots and visibly lighting up the skin. Day after day, your face apper visibly younger. Directions for use: Apply in the morning to perfectly cleansed skin. Use before sun exposure. Type f skin: All skin types.
CAD: $88.00
USD: $67.69
Phytomer Brightening Serum (30ml)
The Brightening Serum visibly lights up the complexion and diminishes the appearance of blemishes, reduces the discolored and dark spot of skin. It improves  the radiance of the complexion and  brings back clarity and luminous tone. Directions for use: Apply a small amount of serum to the skin, pay attention to areas with uneven pigmentation or lacking in radiance. Apply morning and evening after using your face cream. Type of skin: All skin types.
CAD: $102.00
USD: $78.46
Phytomer Essential Minerals Brightening Mask (50ml)
The Mineral Brightening Mask remineralizes skin and restores youthful vitality. It evens skin tones, moisturizes and reduce the appearance of age spots and discolorations. Your skin looks healthy and young. Directions for use: Apply a medium layer to entire face and neck once or twice a week. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove excess product with a cotton pad moistened with water. Rinse thoroughly with running water. Dry then tone.
CAD: $53.00
USD: $40.77
Phytomer Radiance Smoothing Lotion (150ml)
The Radiance Smoothing Lotion exfoliates the surface of the epidermis and leaves skin radiant, smooth and cleansed. Beside this it moisturizes skin it reduces the apperance of age spots and reduce discoloration. Removes any last traces of make-up. Directions for use: Apply with a cotton pad to perfectly cleansed skin. Avoid the eyes area. Type of skin: All Skin Types.
CAD: $39.50
USD: $30.38
Phytomer Radiance Cleansing Oil (150ml)
The Radiance Cleansing Oil gently removes make-up and eliminates impurities. It evens skin tone, brightens the skin,  reduces the apperance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Your skin is brightened, radiant and clean. Directions for use: Gently massage a small amount of oil on dry skin. Add a small amount of water and work up a lather with fingertips. Rinse with running water. Type of skin: All Skin Types.
CAD: $39.50
USD: $30.38