Phytomer Ogenage Anti-Age Collection

Drawing on its renowned expertise in protecting the skin's youthfulness, Phytomer has selected the most effective active ingredients to target the problems of every stage in life. The first wrinkles are erased using an exceptional seaweed paste extracted from Undaria pinnatifida. Mature skin, at the same time, benefits from the incredible properties of Eternelle des Mers, extracted from thousand-year-old blue micro-algae, which is a potent weapon against wrinkles and slackening of mature skin.

All Skin Type

Phytomer Initial Youth Multi-Action Early Wrinkle Cream (50ml)
The Initial Youth Multiaction Cream has triple action:  smoothes the lines and wrinkles and delivers radiance. The special formula with Retinocollagen C  improves the cell renewal, activates the collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin's antioxidant protection. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Type of skin: All Skin Types.
CAD: $81.00
USD: $62.31
Phytomer Initial Youth Multiaction Fluid (30ml)
The Initial Youth  Multiaction Fluid is lightweight fluid with a silky finish, replenishes the skin's moisture barrier and improves its elasticity. It helps smooth the wrinkles and fine lines of face and neck area. Your skin looks younger and is more radiant. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and neck. Type of skin: All skin types.
CAD: $76.00
USD: $58.46
Phytomer Expert Youth Correction Cream ( 50ml)
The Expert Youth Correction Cream contains a complex of ingredients designed to optimize the function of skin stem cells and thus restore the skin's replenishing power. It  smoothes of line and wrinkles, moisturizing your skin. Signs of aging on the face are visibly reduced. Directions for use: Apply every morning and evening to clean skin. Type of skin: All Skin Types, especially Mature Skin. Key Ingredients: Seastem complex, Glasswort oil and Oligomer.
CAD: $96.00
USD: $73.85
Phytomer Youth Reviver Age-Defense Mask ( 50ml)
The Age-Defense Mask is restoring youthful appearance. The wrinkles are corrected, the skin is smoother and the complexion more radiant. Your skin is rejuvenated and better prepared to fight signs of aging. Directions for use: Apply a medium layer to face and neck, avoid eye area. Leave on skin  for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse the water. Use one or twice per week. Type of skin: All skin type. Ingredients: Seastem: Optimizes the function of skin stem cells to correct wrinkles. Retinocollagen C: revives skin cells to enhance radiance and improve firmness.
CAD: $57.00
USD: $43.85


Phytomer Pioneer XMF Collection Perfection Youth Cream (50ml)
The Perfection Youth Cream contains new special formule XMF complex that creates an invisible protective coating on the skin surface to instantly smooth and visibly correct signs of aging. It instantly smoothes wrinkles, age line  and plumps the skin. Your skin look younger, firmer and more luminous. Type of skin: Mature skin. Directions for use: Apply morning and  evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck.
CAD: $198.00
USD: $152.31
Phytomer Souffle Marin Collection Energizing Oxygenating Serum (30ml)
The Energizing Oxygenating Serum provides the cells more oxygen, protects against environmental pollution and free radical damage and moistures the skin. It visibly lights up the complexion and more toned. Special formula of  marine extracts  help the skin to defend and oxygenate itself for a fresher complexion. Day after day, your face will appear visibly younger. Directions for use: Apply onto clean skin two times per day: morning and evening. Type of skin: Tired, Polluted and Dull Skin Fluid.
CAD: $52.00
USD: $40.00

Mature Skin

Phytomer OgénAge Toning Cleansing Emulsion ( 250ml)
A true cleansing treatment that works in complete comfort, this dual-action emulsion removes makeup and tones all at once. The skin is left clean, refreshed, and comfortable. The product's natural active ingredient, Sorenia, is a soothing aromatic seawater that relaxes skin and optimizes the benefits of your facial treatment cream. Directions for use: Shake the bottle before use. Apply with a cotton pad and cleanse the face and neck area. Use morning and evening. Do not rinse.
CAD: $42.00
USD: $32.31
Phytomer Recharge Youth Night Cream ( 50ml)
This cream boosts skin's recovery and completely revitalizes the epidermis. The progressive release of the cream's ingredients throughout the night maximizes its efficiency: skin is smoother and divinely moisturized. From the first use skin is energized and more efficiently protected. Directions for use: Clean your face and apply the cream for face and neck. Use for every night before going to bed.
CAD: $116.00
USD: $89.23
Phytomer Ogenage Excellence Radiance Replenishing Cream ( 50ml)
Calcium is indispensable to well-balanced skin. Beginning around age 60, the skin on the face starts to lack the elements essential to its vitality and support. It becomes weak and loses its comfort and radiance. Thanks to the extraordinary blend of marine calcium and flaxseed oil, Ogénage Excellence nourishes the epidermis and helps reinforce its elasticity and resistance. As soon as it is applied, it leaves your skin suppler, denser, and perfectly replenished. Your face regains all of its radiance! Directions for use: Apply to perfectly cleansed skin, morning and evening.
CAD: $122.00
USD: $93.85
Phytomer Extreme Lift Collection Intense Firming Cream ( 50ml)
Ultra-concentrated in marine peptides, which boost collagen synthesis, this cream offers your skin a solution against sagging. Facial contours look more defined. Your skin looks  smoother, visibly firmer, more elastic and regains its tone. Facial contours are clearer, smoother and skin recovers its tonicity. Directions for use: Apply every morning and evening to clean skin. Type of skin: Mature skin. Ingredients: Pro-Collagen Marine Peptides: boosts collagen, Lipophiline: retains water in the skin, hydrates, Marine Spring Water: firms and renews. 
CAD: $105.00
USD: $80.77
Phytomer Youth Performance Wrinkle Radiance Serum (30ml)
The Youth Permormance Serum smoothed lines and wrinkles, leaves the facial contours firmed and toned. Special formula for marine ingredient, Seastem Ciblactiv precisely targets the skin's regeneration cells. After using your face will be visibly younger. Directions for use: After cleaning face and neck Apply 1-2 pumps, gently massaged onto face and neck after cleansing. Use twice a day: Morning and evening.  Follow with  usual face care cream. Type of skin: Mature Skin.
CAD: $121.00
USD: $93.08