Phytomer Eye and Lip Contour Collection

A line developed to precisely treat problems in these particularly fragile areas: gently erase the signs of fatigue (shadows and bags), correct the signs of aging (lines, wrinkles, crow's feet), and more. Each product contains unique ingredients such as Dermochlorella, which preserves the firmness of tissue, and Ciliata, which protects against free radicals. The eyes are once again bright and fresh.

All Skin Type

Phytomer Micellar Water Eye Make-up Solution (150ml)
The Micellar Water Eye Make up Solution cleans make-up and  removes impurities from your skin. It hydrates and protect your skin. Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Directions for use: Apply on a cotton round and carefully removes makeup from the eyelids and lashes. Do not rinse.
CAD: $38.00
USD: $29.23
Phytomer Youth Contour Reviving Wrinkle Correction Cream Eye-Lip Care (15ml)
The Youth Contour Eye-Lip Cream softens existing wrinkles, reduces puffiness, roughness  and dark circles and gives a visibly younger look and  rested eye contour. Fragrance-free formula. Directions for use: Apply to the lip and eye area, patting delicately until until the product is absorbed. Use morning and/or evening. Type of skin: All skin types. Key Ingredients: Dilsea Carnosa Red Algae: WRINKLES, Chlorella Vulgaris Green Algae: PUFINESS, Delesseria Red Algae: DARK CIRCLES. 
CAD: $72.00
USD: $55.38
Phytomer Plumping Nourishing Balm (15ml)
The Plumping Nourishing Balm softens any roughness and heal any uncomfortable feelings on your lips. It smooths wrinkles, Boosts lip volume and reduces moisture loss. Your lips looks younger and fuller.Directions for use: Apply a medium layer of the balm to the lips and massage delicately with fingertips. Type of skin: All skin types. Ingredients: Porphyra Conchocelis Powder, Apricot Kernal Powder, Delesseria Sanguinea Extract, Dictyopteris Oil, Hyaluronic Acid Spheres, Glasswort Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil.
CAD: $32.50
USD: $25.00
Phytomer Contour Radieux Smoothing & Reviving Eye Mask ( 30ml)
Applying this refreshing, creamy mask offers your tired, fragile eyes a moment of absolute rest and relaxation. Moisturized and stimulated, your eyes are once again fresh and radiant. Directions for use: Appy  medium layer of the mask around the entire eye contour area. Use twice a week. Let rest for 5 to 8 minutes. Before sleep, apply a thin layer and gently pat into skin. Do not rinse. Type of skin: All skin types.
CAD: $56.50
USD: $43.46
Phytomer Regard Delicieux: Dark Circles Eye Cream ( 15ml)
CORRECTIVE ACTION – objective: limit the appearance of dark circles and lighten their color. - Delesseria sanguinea: to activate microcirculation and decongest the eye contours - Sea White Complex: to lighten the blue color of dark circles The combination of these two ingredients helps diminish the appearance of dark circles. PROTECTIVE ACTION – objective: prevent the appearance of dark circles Blue Everlasting flower extract: incredible antioxidant power WRINKLE-REDUCING ACTION – objective: restore skin's support fibers in order to fill out wrinkles from within.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15
Phytomer Regard Merveilleux- Puffines Eye Gel (15ml)
CORRECTIVE ACTION: - Marine oligosaccharides, extracts of Laminaria digitata brown algae: to help combat water retention and the formation of edemas. - Liporeductine S, obtained from buckwheat grains: to prevent the build-up of fat under the eyes. PREVENTIVE ACTION with Blue Everlasting Flower, a powerful antioxidant. It offers daily protection against oxidant stress, the factor that triggers mechanisms leading to the formation of puffiness.
CAD: $60.00
USD: $46.15

Mature Skin

Phytomer Expertise Age Contour ( 15ml)
This "high performance" cream, specifically formulated for mature skin around the contour of the eyes, effectively combats the signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles fade. The skin becomes firmer. Day after day, the eyes regain their sparkle and look visibly younger. Directions for use: Apply morning and evening on eye area, applying with gentle pressure  . Please wait until the product is completely absorbed. Do not wash water. Type of skin: Mature Skin.
CAD: $90.00
USD: $69.23

Lips Care

Phytomer Exfolianting Radiance Lips Gel ( 15ml)
A true anti-aging treatment, this gel emulsion helps to erase and prevent lines and wrinkles. The epidermis is gently smoothed, and the eyes sparkle once again. Lift Contour sets makeup. Clinically tested. Type of skin: All skin types. Direction for use: Apply a small amount on the lips. Use 1-2 times a week. Massage slowly with fingertips and rinse  with water.
CAD: $34.00
USD: $26.15