Phytocéane Men Collection

Phytoceane Homme/ Men

Phytoceane Homme: Deep Cleasing Facial Peel (50ml)
Phytoceane Homme Deep-Cleansing Scrub is a cleanser designed for men that will purify the skin while it deep cleanses in one step. It will exfoliate the skin while it refines it and helps to prevent ingrown hairs on the face. It features microbeads that will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. 
CAD: $32.90
USD: $25.31
Phytoceane Homme: Moisturizing Cream for Men (50ml)
Phytoceane Homme Moisturizing Cream is  a light cream that is easily absorbed into the skin to keep it hydrated and the epidermis remineralized. It contains antioxidants that will protect the skin and anti-aging properties as well. It's  helping keep the skin moisturized as well as detoxified while it soothes the skin and makes it feel comfortable all day. It  protects the skin from harsh environmental stressors and is irritate skin that is overly sensitive. Regular use give quick result- your  skin will be soft, smooth and more balanced.
CAD: $53.90
USD: $41.46
Phytoceane Homme: Shaving Cream For Men (150ml)
Shaving Cream For Men was specially designed to facilitate razor glide, while reducing skin irritation. The combination of red algae and blue micro-algae helps prevent redness and softens the epidermis. After a gentle shave, skin is clear and supple and the complexionlooks radiant.After a gentle shave, skin is clear and supple, revealing a radiant complexion. Directions for Use: Use daily on dampened skin. Apply to stubble, then proceed with shaving. Rinse. 
CAD: $31.90
USD: $24.54
Phytoceane Homme: Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Men ( 50ml)
To prevent time from marking the skin, Phytocéane has developed a smoothing skin care product especially for men. Blue and green micro-algae are combined with plant oils to help tone and revitalize the epidermis, delay the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce dark circles and puffiness. Skin is firmed and the face regains new youthfulness. Directions for use: Apply to entire face and eye contours every morning and/or evening, to cleansed skin. 
CAD: $82.90
USD: $63.77