Physiodermie Cleansers & Toner


All Skin Type

Physiodermie Stabilizing Lotion (200ml)
All Skin Types. Soothing and balancing lotion with active plant extracts.Restores the skin's balance, neutralises alcali, soothes, decongests, brightens and matifies the complexion.Reconstitutes the hydrolipidic layer.Recommended use: as a compress before retiring. 
CAD: $43.98
USD: $33.83
Physiodermie Deep Cleansing Milk (200ml)
For all skin types. A rich creamy emulsion with added active, skin-compatible elements.Eliminates deeply imbedded impurities, as well as make up.Reinforces the hydrolopidic layer which protects the skin.Its light and fluid texture leaves the skin feeling fresh and totally cleansed. 
Before: $44.00
CAD: $43.90
USD: $33.77

Normal to Oil Skin

For face - normal and oily skin.For face and body hygiene.Specifically formulated for normal to oily skin, cleanses and protects the skin against bacterias.Leaves the skin soft, velvety, hydrated and comfortable.Body with tendency to perspire. 
CAD: $46.82
USD: $36.02

Sensitive Skin

Physiodermie Shower Hydrating Milk SL (sensitive) (200ml)
For Sensitive Skin. Creamy Fluid for both body and face.Gently cleanses, moisturizes and re-balances the skin deep down.Restores the skin's Ph and neutralizes body odours all day long, leaving your skin soft and fragrant.Recommended for daily use. 
CAD: $46.82
USD: $36.02