Juvena Juvelia Nutri-Restore

Anti-aging and delining

Juvelia Nutri-Restore Juvena Serum is a light and regenerative anti-wrinkle emulsion for mixed skin. It recovers proteins damaged by glycation and promotes detoxification of the skin. Highly moisturizing, up to 72 hours after the last application. It gradually reduces wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the skin.
CAD: $190.00
USD: $146.15

All Skin Type


Juvelia Nutri-Restore Juvena Fluid is a regenerating and moisturizing fluid to combat loss of elasticity and signs of aging. Active combination of the plant Leontopodium alpinum, or Flower of the Snow, with the Persian silk tree. Maintains moisture and promotes long-lasting hydration.
CAD: $170.00
USD: $130.77

Mature Skin

Juvelia Juvena Nutri-Restore Cream is a nourishing, long-lasting moisturizing cream for dry and mature skin. Help reduce wrinkles through the production of new cells and maintain hydration for up to 72 hours. Recommended for dry skin and lack of elasticity.
CAD: $190.00
USD: $146.15

Eye Care

Juvela Juvena Nutri-Restore Eye Cream is a nourishing eye contour that fights the signs of aging on all skin types, producing smoothing of the eyelids and preventing flaccidity. It repairs skin proteins and relieves irritation.
CAD: $155.00
USD: $119.23