Intaglio Professional Products


All Skin Type

For All Skin Types. Intaglio Exfoliating Liquid Luffa-0 uses microbeads to gently remove dead cells on the face and body leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft. Pumice beads provide a manual exfoliation process to remove the dead skin cells and assist the action of glycolic resurfacing. Contains no glycolic acid.  
CAD: $100.00
USD: $76.92
For All Skin Types. Intaglio  Facial Body Cleanser-3 cleans dirt and oil from the face and body, and loosens dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed and soft. This lightweight wash gently cleanses the face, body and scalp, and is great for all skin types. Glycolic acid content is 3%.  
CAD: $110.00
USD: $84.62

Normal to Oil Skin

For Oily Skin. Intaglio Astringent-8 tones the skin while removing excess oil and dirt with a deep cleansing action for the removal of surface oils and fats. This formula enhances the penetration of topical products by removing skin oils and lipids. 8% Glycolic Acid.  
CAD: $152.00
USD: $116.92