Ingrid Millet Bio-Elita

All Skin Type

This non-greasy gentle makeup remover cleanses and purifies all traces of make-up on your eyes and eyelashes. It is delicate on the skin and can prevent the appearance of blood vessels around the eye area.
CAD: $40.00
USD: $30.77
A gentle, melt-in eye cream which drains and diminishes undereye bags and circles. It effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. The eye contour area is perfectly moisturised and protected. Looks fresher, invigorated and visibly younger.
CAD: $70.00
USD: $53.85
Intensive repairing and restructuring anti-ageing serum preserves the freshness of any weakened skin that is susceptable to the signs of ageing: wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of tone, softness and radiance.
CAD: $166.00
USD: $127.69
This velvety textured anti-aging cream captures and maintains constant moisture levels in dehydrated cells, recreates a perfectly protective hydrolipid screen that fights free radicals and stimulates and boosts the production of new cells. It rapidly recreates all the qualities of youthful, well-oxygenated, moisturized and radiant skin.
CAD: $114.00
USD: $87.69
Enriched with Hydro-captors, it instantly regulates the moisture level of skin which lasts long. Energy resources are provided to skin cells to protect against harsh external factors. Perfectly protected, repaired and quenched, the skin glows with freshness and well-being.
CAD: $102.00
USD: $78.46
Enriched with Hydro-captors, this fresh and creamy mask instantly restores the moisture reserves of skin. It soothes and repairs the skin by consolidating its defences against harsh external environment. The skin is perfectly moisturised, relaxed and glow with freshness.
CAD: $85.00
USD: $65.38
Offers a true cosmetic 'lifting' effect, ideally modelling and rejuvenating features that have become slack or heavy due to ageing or fatique. Day after day, the face looks ‘resculpted’, lifted and toned, the facial contours are firmer, fresh and incredibly younger.
CAD: $95.00
USD: $73.08
Ingrid Millet's renowned formula of the ultra-powerful anti-aging Polypeptidic Complex and Hyaluronic Acid can effectively minimize and smoothes fine lines, regenerate the skin, and maintain a good cutaneous moisturization. Your skin is left satin-smooth and wonderfully relaxed.
CAD: $250.00
USD: $192.31
Instant Structuressence Mask is the essential skincare and complement to the Instant Structuressence Serum to prevent the signs of skin aging. It works instantly to reduce fine lines, drawing on the continuous source of restructuring energy diffused by the Synchro-System, an exclusive method for re-stimulating all vital skin functions.
CAD: $150.00
USD: $115.38