Helenere Hypoallergenic Line

All Skin Type

Helenere Exfoliating Cream (50ml)
Very gentle exfoliating cream that eliminates dead cells as well as impurities of the epidermis cornea layer. It leaves a smooth, soft and radiant skin. Apply a small quantity of exfoliating cream to perfectly cleansed and dry face and neck, let dry for 5 minutes and then massage softly. Rinse with clear water and tone with a cotton wool moistened with Gentle Tonic Lotion (Y101)
CAD: $55.00
USD: $42.31
Helenere Gentle Regenerating Nourishing Cream (50ml)
This nourishing and regenerating night cream helps the skin to get a smooth and luminous aspect back. It reduces wrinkles and restores the skin’s suppleness and elasticity while soothing its irritations and redness. Apply every evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck.
CAD: $89.00
USD: $68.46
Helenere Gentle Moisturizing Protective Cream (50ml)
Hydrating and protective day cream that soothes the skin while protecting it from external aggressions. The skin finds its suppleness, softness and comfort back. Apply every morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck with light circular massages. You can combine it with any serum from other Helenere product lines.
CAD: $79.00
USD: $60.77
Helenere Gentle Tonic Lotion (200ml)
Refreshing tonic lotion based on regenerating and soothing plant extracts. It softly freshens the skin and calms blotchy and allergic skins. Morning and evening apply after cleansing the skin with Gentle Cleansing Emulsion (Y100) or apply at any time of the day for a refreshing moment.
CAD: $58.00
USD: $44.62
Helenere Gentle Cleansing Milk (200ml)
Cleansing emulsion based on sweetening Plant Extracts. Leaves the skin supple and silky . Delicate and sensitive skin. Efficiently dissolves make-up and impurities. Leaves the skin supple and soft. Fragrance and coloring free. 
CAD: $59.00
USD: $45.38


Helenere Gentle Cream Mask (50ml)
Calming cream mask that gently purifies, cleanses and renders softness and radiance to sensitive and allergic skins, while restoring the epidermis suppleness. Perfect remedy to cuperose and skin burns. After having exfoliated your skin with Exfoliating Cream (Y105), apply a thin layer of mask to a perfectly cleansed skin. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and remove with sponges and clear water before toning the skin with cotton wools moistened with Gentle Tonic Lotion (Y101).
CAD: $75.00
USD: $57.69